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Welcome to the 7th edition of Chaotic Visions. I am so happy to have made it thus far with this series. I came up with the idea in late 2016 as I wanted to create a series that showcased female empowerment. What better way than sharing the amazing stories of female entrepreneurs. I have shared the brands and road to successes of amazing female entrepreneurs and this time around is no different!

This edition is about the amazing Pachet Spates, creator of Enduring Ink. As someone that has always used a journal, her brand is definitely one I wanted to feature.

What is Enduring Ink?

Enduring Ink is a brand dedicated to the art of writing and storytelling.

Enduring Ink was created as an extension of Pachet’s blog, She wanted to separate her namesake, The Enduring Optimist, from her brand name. She wants Enduring Ink to evolve into a writing/workshop stationery store.


Enduring Ink aims to help women tell the stories that they never thought they would!

Be it on a personal level or a creative writing level, I want to help women initiate internal conversations through journal prompts, navigate through their life experiences with mindfulness and keep a running record of their life come what may.

Crazy Idea to Create Enduring Ink?

Journal writing needed to make a much needed comeback and I would be the one to do it!

Staying Organized

Being that Pachet is an advocate for journaling, it’s no surprise that she stays organized with a pen and paper. Her planner houses her daily to-do lists and her kids’ homeschool schedule. She also has a special workbook that she created and sells called the Prep for Shine Workbook to track the work she does for her clients.

Definition of Success

I used to think success was sitting on Oprah’s couch talking about my life and how “I made it,” but now, success for me means ensuring that my kids’ future are secure. It means that women are sharing their stories with confidence and that my brand is a household name with women and young girls.

Looking past sitting down with Oprah, Pachet also views success as sitting down with Issa Rae and relocating to Portland and running her own store.

Top 3 Tips for a Budding Entrepreneur

  1. Don’t give up.
  2. Nothing happens overnight.
  3. Keep a journal.

Best Advice Received

“You’re not for everyone, so stop trying to appeal to them.”

This advice speaks volumes as we may have that feeling deep down inside that we want everyone to like us. The reality is that it won’t happen. Buckle down on what you’re good at , manifest it, and cater to that audience. Trying to please everyone will get you nowhere.

Sacrifices as an Entrepreneur

Regardless of how exhilarating being an entrepreneur can be, it’s a lot of work. Sacrifices are made to bring that vision to life. For Pachet, she has missed date nights with her husband and there’s been plenty of sleepless nights. To fulfill her dream she left her 9 to 5 job to fully invest in her business and brand.

Best Part of Being an Entrepreneur

Pachet enjoys the reach of her work. She creates free resources from printables to challenges to further engage with her community. Their infectious excitement inspires her to continue to create!

Pachet’s Goals for Remainder of 2017

  • Release the 2nd edition of  The Optimist’s Guide to Journaling.
  • Releasing 2nd book, Notes from the Optimist.
  • Releasing Brown Girls CONFIDENT-ial.

Brown Girls CONFIDENT-ial is a workbook designed for young girls of color. Pachet has offered a special code to my readers. If you order within the next 30 days, use my code CHAOTIC30 for free shipping! Also, check out Brown Girls CONFIDENT-ial on  Instagram.


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