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I have always been fond of reading, but as I’ve gotten older I have strayed away from actual books. I love the collection that I have that spans from my Harry Potter series to various motivational books and biographies/memoirs. I have found audiobooks very helpful. I listen to them throughout my work day and commute.

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Audible is my go to for audio books. They have quite a selection. My favorites are definitely memoirs read by the actual author. There are three that I have listened to semi-recently:

I am currently in the middle of The Magnolia Story, but I am a huge fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines. For those that have no clue who they are, they are the stars of HGTVs, Fixer Upper. I love the style that they bring to each home and hearing more about their story from how they created their business is amazing. From what I have listened to so far they share their love story on how they met. Most importantly, the catastrophe on how they entered the reality TV world. The energy of this audible is very mellow and perfect for listening to early in the morning, during a long commute, or a day at the beach. I’m excited to hear the rest (I will update of course).

The first Audible that I completed was Angie Martinez’s, My Life: A MemoirI had this book on my radar for quite some time since I found out she was releasing one. Angie Martinez is a radio extraordinaire with a degree in Hip Hop. Being from New Jersey, I’ve heard her on the radio most of my life. I enjoyed hearing the stories she shared about her beginnings at Hot 97, her transition to Power 105.1, her interview with Tupac, the evolution of Tupac, her relationships, and her beef with Wendy Williams. I remember listening to Wendy Williams in the afternoons and she was very controversial with what she would say. Hearing about her interactions with a fellow radio host was very interesting and entertaining to say the least. I loved the vibe of this book and it was like listening to Angie on the radio again. It’s a book that I would definitely listen to again and I loved the energy of this one. I could picture some of the stories she was saying which made the book even more relatable. Out of the three, this one is definitely my favorite as I’ve been following Angie Martinez’s career for quite some time. Plus, when you listen to someone all the time, they become a part of your life.

Rounding off this list is Taraji P. Henson’s, Around the Way Girl. Another book that was on my radar and I was happy that Taraji would be reading it. I remember the first time I saw Taraji acting. It was alongside Tyrese in Baby Boy. She’s come a long way since then and the Oscar-nominated actress is now one of the stars of Fox’s Empire. This story was a chronicle of her life from her early beginnings, her relationship with her father, her son, her leap of faith to begin acting. I mean at one point she was studying to be a mathematician. Clearly that didn’t pan out, but interestingly enough she would star as one in 2016s Hidden Figures. Taraji has always been candid about her life and her personality is definitely one that stands out. Her persona definitely shined through throughout this book.

The audio books can be finished within a day. They can range from 6-8 hours depending. I will say that although I have listened to these at work that I prefer listening to them during my commute and in my downtime as I can focus on the stories better. I have a few on my list that I would like to listen to, but I want to get into one the physical copies on my shelf first.

Interested in what else I’m reading?

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