Firmoo Glasses Review


Cheers to a new post here on the blog. I wanted to share a review of a pair of eyeglasses from As someone that wears eyeglasses every day, finding an affordable pair is essential. No pair costs over $39!

Disclaimer: Special thanks to for sending me these glasses for review. All opinions are my own. 

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Style of Glasses I Chose

I ultimately wanted a larger frame. My previous pair (which was a pair of Coach glasses) were narrow and had a wire frame. I wanted glasses that would frame my eyes. Larger frames just work better for me and look better on me, especially with the size of my head. Also whether I wear my hair up or down, they look absolutely amazing.

Copy of Copy of HP + Plum Paper PWM-29

The style number I have is #S929. They came in an ombre design, clear and black. The other alternative that they had was a Tortoise design. A nearly identical pair is #F26819.  Style #S929 has a metal detail on the hinges and temple tips. Similar styles can be found here.

The glasses come in a white drawstring bag that says Firmoo on it with the eyeglass case inside. The case is neutral colored. It has a word map print with Firmoo inscribed on the front. I love the neutral tone (unisex design) and the size of the case. Being that my glasses are wider, they sit in the case a little bit higher. With the size of this case I have no problem closing it. Of course you get the cloth to clean  your glasses as well.


The frame that I chose is a plastic frame. I have been careful in using them just so that I don’t stretch them out. I have not had any problems with them since I got them a month ago. These frames are plastic, but there are other options including: metal, titanium, memory metal, mixed materials, memory plastic, super thin acetate, and super thin stainless steel.


The glasses that I chose cost $29. The most expensive are $39. That’s the best thing about Firmoo is that no frame costs more than $39. The cheapest pair available is $19. There are additional prices when it comes to customizing the lens, but for a standard lens, you’re just paying the price of the frame.


These glasses are shipped from China. There are two shipping options. The first is $12.95 for 3-5 business days. The second is $5.95 for 2-3 weeks. I chose the $12.95 option simply because I was not waiting nearly 3 weeks for my glasses. I ordered them on a Saturday and I received them that following Friday.

Bank or Tank?

I would definitely BANK these glasses. The issue that I have encountered over the years when buying glasses is how expensive they are. From the eye exam to the frame, and that’s not even including the lens. To find an online brand that has affordable frames with the standard lens included is a plus. These are not your average drugstore style glasses. They are trendy and you’d probably find a dupe for a name brand that costs hundreds.

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