Happy Planner Setup | July – December 

Happy July & welcome to another post her on the blog! We are officially halfway through 2017 and this is when I take the time to switch up my planner. I use a classic size Happy Planner and with its discound bound system I leave 6 months in at a time.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Discbound System

I have been using the Happy Planner since it was launched in 2015 and my favorite feature are the discs. They allow me the flexibility to have as much or as little as I want in my planner at one time. I separate it right down the middle of the year, January to June and July to December. Using stickers definitively bulks up the planner and having the year separated makes it easier for me to manage.

Monthly Prep

Before any weekly planning happens I set up my monthly calendar and the ‘This Month Currrntly’ page which is an exclusive to the Happy Planner. Other planner brands such as Erin Condern and Plum Paper have a notes page before the monthly calendar as well.

HP This Month Currently

To decorate my ‘This Month Currently’ page, I take a piece of scrapbook paper and cover the entire section. I then cut out pieces of paper that reflect what stood out to me that month whether it’s an event, a movie, or music I’m loving.


My monthly calendar is simple as well. I use the same scrapbook paper from the ‘This Month Currently’ page in the sidebar that people use for notes. I then take that same paper and make boxes for certain days throughout the month. I just spread them out sporadically, but each week has a box. As for what I mark, I always track my pay day, events, birthdays, and when I have my nephews. Other than that, I go in at the end of the month and write in a highlight for each day. I saw other planners doing this and I thought it was a great ideas for a snapshot of the month.

How do I measure the paper? I don’t use a ruler or anything. I just eyeball and go with it. 

Weekly Planning 

I use stickers of all kinds and all sizes to decorate my weekly pages. I usually sit down to plan Sunday, but sometimes Monday. Regardless of the stickers I’m using I am a “white space” planner. In other words, I like to see the page opposed to covering it from top to bottom in stickers (“no white space”).

Check out the links below to some 18 month planner that you can start using now!

Ready to plan?

Check out my Planning for 2017 series HERE.

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