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We are halfway through 2017 and it’s time for a new installment of Chaotic Visions. In this series, I showcase amazing female entrepreneurs, their brands, and their roads to success.

Everybody has a story. What I admire are those that share theirs without fear in hopes of empowering others. In this edition I was able to learn more about the woman behind one of my favorite YouTube channels, Paloma Batters. Her channel, CouponToProvide has definitely inspired me to use what I have when crafting, be a smarter shopper, and build my confidence from within.

Who is Paloma Bates?

Paloma is a Texas girl, mother of 5 boys, police wife, couponer, bargain hunter, and DIY guru. The list could go on and on. Her work speaks for itself and the content that she creates is filled with a genuine compassion as she connects with her viewers.

I am a woman that has struggled with confidence, money, life understanding, relationships, school, work, parenting and more. Where I think I differ though is, instead of feeling down on myself, I got up. Every time. I fought. Every time. I took my blows, learned my lessons, humbled by God and moved on.

What is CoupontoProvide?

CoupontoProvide is not your average couponer pit stop. With nearly 70,000 subscribers and over 7 million views, there is a wide array of content. You can find more than deals Paloma’s found in stores, but organizational solutions, grocery hauls, dollar store hauls, affordable DIYS, and more.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and I now encourage others to do the same.

Her mission is simple, spark something deep in those that have lost it. It’s more than finances, struggles. It’s a conscious decision to tap into your inner strength

Crazy idea to create a YouTube channel

Paloma wanted to help others provide for their families with very little money. There are so many times we see lavish homes or a picture perfect system that we forget that we too can attain that. With Coupontoprovide, Paloma shares tips and affordable ways to achieve that as she draws from personal experience.

Staying Organized

One of my favorite playlists from the CoupontoProvide channel are  her planner DIYs. I love seeing how other people plan out their daily lives. It does not have to break the bank to effectively manage your time. With a planner playlist, it’s expected she uses a planner, right?

For work, I use a planner for reminders but usually everything is in my brain. I complete them as I think of them. If its something I don’t do often but it needs immediate attention, I’ll leave sticky notes at eye level on the path. Say on a wall or door.

Definition of Success

Paloma views success as trying things out, failing, and trying again. Hold those failures close you learn how not to do things. You take what you have accomplished and share with those that matter.

Whatever blessing comes from that effort is success to me.

Top 3 Tips for a Budding Entrepreneur

  • Listen to your thoughts.
  • Build a foundation.
  • Keep moving forward!

There are so many times that we never act on what we are thinking and someone jumps to doing it before we do. At times we miss chances because we do not go with our initial instinct. To build on that thought you have, you need a clear foundation. Paloma shares that with whatever you’re creating, having that In moving forward, you put your best effort into your work. Trust, that effort does not go unnoticed. Your authenticity shines through!

Best advice Received?

The best advice I ever received actually came from God. He told me, “I know who you are. I know your heart. Don’t live from a place to cause harm to others but a place with good intentions, and you’ll get there.”  Now where is there? I don’t know but I trust that it’s a good place.

Sacrifices as an entrepreneur

When asking this question to my previous interviewees, time was a common denominator in what was a sacrifice. As for Paloma?

I don’t consider anything a sacrifice.

As Paloma mentioned structure is important as an entrepreneur, it’s something she implements into her daily life. She shares the balance that she has found throughout her channel.

Best part of being an entrepreneur

Some people may not view YouTubers as entrepreneurs, but think about all the time, effort, and money that goes into building a brand. It is a diverse platform that has grown over the years for sure.

The best thing has to be that fact that I work hard for me and the people that care about what I have to offer. I killed myself working for very little for people who acted like I wasn’t “nuthin but a thang” so I learned from that. I figured if I’m willing to work that way for their brand, why not create my own and work for the people that deserve that attention.

Goal for the rest of 2017

It’s crazy that we’re halfway through 2017. Just because we’re halfway through, we can still achieve our goals whether they’re personal, professional or both. It’s never too late.

Overall, I want to continue to be a person that can be there in my own way for people that need a place to go for inspiration. Hopefully, generate a stable income to continue making it all worth it. Otherwise it would have been a sacrifice I don’t want to have made. I want to grow into places of myself that I didn’t know. Keep becoming who I am meant to be.

Check out CoupontoProvide below:

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2 thoughts on “Chaotic Visions | CouponToProvide

  1. Came over as Paloma sent me! Great interview! I love Paloma’s channel and I am a faithful viewer. I’m in the process of entering into a new season in my ministry/career and love to hear the stories behind the journey instead of the end result of “success”. Will be reading the rest of your interviews. Thanks for sharing!

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