Wellness Wednesday | Fitness Journal

Happy first day of Summer 2017. Here in the tri-state we’ve had quite a few heat waves as of late, but Summer is officially here! I’ve been on a roll with my meal prepping and I’m on Day 9 of my daily workout. Yeah, I know, a little over a week. To me, that’s a huge deal as I have embarked on working out consistently before and I would flop within a week. This time I am holding myself accountable by counting each day, doing an intense workout for 30 minutes, and tracking it all in my fitness journal.

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What journal am I using?

I am using a plain blank insert in a traveler’s notebook as my fitness journal. For those that have no idea what a traveler’s notebook, it’s a string journal that gives you flexibility of adding notebooks, dashboards, folders, etc. It’s my latest obsession and I love being able to customize anything that I use. I bought a Michaels Traveler’s notebook this past weekend for $5 (using a 50% off coupon) and it came with the cover, 2 blank page inserts, and a folder. I decided to dedicate an entire journal.

How I track what I’m eating?


I decided to track what I’m eating with a month on a page. I have the month divided into weeks to mark what I’m eating for lunch (3 bullet points to match my 3 compartment container), snacks I’m eating, plus breakfast. I left the back of the page empty to log any additional information whether it be something extra I had that day, such as some form of takeout, or how my body is feeling.

I am primarily tracking my workweek (Monday to Friday), but I might add a weekend section + weekly dinners into this as well. For now, this works.

How I track my workouts?

Copy of Copy of HP + Plum Paper PWM (1)

I created a variety of boxes so that I could write in my workouts and see exactly what I’m doing. I had originally drawn 7 vertical boxes (3 stacked on four), but I found that to not be enough space. I changed up the layout and I love how it turned out. I left my three boxes, but I made them longer for additional space. For the second half of the week I made the boxes bigger and created an L-shape opposed to four long vertical boxes. I do weights every single day so I just drew an arrow instead of having to write it in.

How I decorate?

I used magazine clippings to jazz up the pages. I sat down one night and cut out what I saw in various magazines. Wellness type magazines that I’m subscribed to include: Women’s Day, Eating Well, and The Good Life (Dr. Oz). I use these clippings to create headers for my pages, headers for personal reflection, and if there’s anything that catches my eye that I want to keep, I add that as well.

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