Micro Traveler’s Notebook Setup

Welcome to another post here on the blog! Lately I find myself switching up my planners, I still use my Happy Planner for weekly planning, but for on the go and work I use a ring bound personal planner. My latest edition to my planner collection is a micro TN that is the perfect size to throw in my bag and jot down anything I need to.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Traveler’s Notebook 411 

microI own a Webster’s Pages Color Crush Traveler’s Notebook in addition to 2 from Michaels that I scored for under $10 (some type of clearance/sale, of course). I wanted to add a smaller size to my collection and I found that ProPrintBookBindery on Etsy was having a sale a couple months ago for a Micro TN for $7.50 including shipping. Since I wanted to experiment with this TN, of course I had to buy it.

I bought it in a plain tan as I had no traveler’s notebook in this color. Unfortunately I ended up staining it when my PaperMate InkJoy gel pen exploded, but it has an extra character to it. There was a dark brown intricate floral print that I wanted, but it was sold out when I went to purchase. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. For $7.50? You can’t beat that!

My Setup 


This Micro TN came with an elastic band with two strings inside. Although it had no pockets, I decided to create some of my own by cutting up baseball trading card sheet protectors. They were the perfect size to create pockets on the inside and back cover of the traveler’s notebook. To adhere the pockets, I used my favorite double stick tape from Jo-Ann Fabrics. This leather is absolutely amazing and using double stick tape did not damage it at all. I decorated each pocket with a gorgeous yellow floral print and some of my PearTeaStickers that I laminated.


The inserts that I used were notebooks that I cut down. On the two strings inside, I have four notebooks, although I could fit six. The notebook that I have in the very front is one from Michaels that I cut down. I don’t have any fancy tools so I used a combination of a paper trimmer and scissors. I didn’t measure anything out as I eyeballed the width and height of these inserts. Using a ruler would result in a cleaner finish.

All notebooks were covered in scrapbook paper or PearTeaStickers. I also added in vellum and more of the baseball trading card sheet protectors for additional pockets. I’m still working on some pockets and dashboards.

My favorite edition is the first notebook in this TN that I use as a calendar and keeping track of my football games (#SteelerNation). The calendar sticky note that I used is from Target and the dots that I use to label everything are from Dollar Tree. The key that I used is similar to the style of bullet journaling just more basic. On the back of each page is where I have the information that corresponds with the dates I marked off for that month.

For links to set up a Micro TN of your own, click the links below!


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