Memory Planning in My Happy Planner

I have a bin full of memories that I’ve accumulated over the years. Some I have from important events in my life such as prom, High School graduation, and my college graduation. I love to save cards, tickets, pictures, and other odds and ends. As I am purging my oversized memory box, my goal is to consolidate what I plan on keeping into one central location. I could create a scrapbook, but I wanted something more flexible which is why I decided to go with the Me & My Big Ideas BIG Happy Planner.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I have been using a Happy Planner since 2015 when they were first released. It has been my go to personal planner. They have now added 2 new sizes to their inventory in a mini size and a big size. While I use the Classic Happy Planner for my everyday planning, I wanted something larger for my “scrapbook.”


The BIG Happy Planner comes in two options, 18 months and 12 months. You can buy the planer undated as well. Both sizes are priced at $34.99. I was able to score the 2016-2017 18 Month Planner $8 over Memorial Day weekend at Michaels in the 75% off section.

Planner Tip: As new planners are being released, check your stores for those planners going out of date. They will be marked down and you can repurpose them.

What I Used to Decorate

This project has allowed me to use what I have in my stash instead of watching it sit there. I have accumulated a lot of items within the past 2 years, but now they’re really being put to use. As for what I’ve used to decorate these pages:

  • Metallic Paper / Scrapbook Paper
  • Stickers (Flat + 3D)
  • Photos | Purchased from Shutterfly + some I’ve had in photo albums.

Removing the Dates from the Planner

My goal was to morph this planner into a memory planner/scrapbook (same concept) so I had to make some adjustments. First was covering the dates. I had purchased metallic paper from Dollar Tree a while ago and I had yet to use it. measured it across the top where the date was as well as the bottom. I plan on incorporating different designs of scrapbook paper that I’ve been accumulating.

To cover the calendar for each of the weekly pages a picture or a sticker cover it just fine. Depending on the type of picture/sticker I’m using, I’ll extend the metallic paper for extra coverage. For the monthly calendar I have been using the Happy Planner paper pad to cover the pages. Again, I will be incorporating more scrapbook paper.

Working Around the Boxes

It has been a breeze working around the boxes and using them to my advantage. I lay out my photos and I leave space in between so that I can write in anything about that particular moment. Here are some designs below:


For my Senior Photos I just cut out all the proofs that were sent and layered them before writing. I used my Yearbook Photo to cover up the calendar and I wrote in between on the boxes with the other pictures. It was fun creating this layout. Every now and then you have to laugh at yourself. I wrote about my hair, my outfit, pictures I liked, poses I hated. Things of that nature.


Another layout that I loved creating was my college graduation. I have an entire book of photos, but I added in pictures with family and the professional photo I took at the school. In the boxes I wrote in the basics such as who was in my pictures plus memories from that day, awards I received, my graduation date etc.


For all my card lovers/hoarders I have found a solution! I taped a few cards directly on to the pages, but then I used a gift bag I had received for graduation to make a pocket. For the pack flap, I ended up taping another card on top of that while stuffing the pocket with other cards. The cards I taped to the pages were my favorites, but they’re now all in one central location.


Not everything in this memory/scrapbook is pictures. As noted, I do have cards, but I also added in recommendation letters, my college acceptance letters, and some awards. I had to cut down some of the pages to fit on to the Happy Planner pages. Some I did hole punch to insert into various pages, but for the most part I used the pages that came with the planner.


My go to adhesive for all the projects that I work on is the Ms. Sparkle & Co double stick tape from Jo-Ann Fabrics. It’s their $1.99 collection and the tape comes in two sizes, 1 inch / 20 yards, and .5 inch / 15 yards. My personal favorite is the 1 inch. You can use glue as well. I realized that with the glue, you have to be careful. Putting on two much will weigh down the page making an imprint on to the next page.

Want to see how else I use a Happy Planner?

Click HERE for various layouts!


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