Motivational Monday | Change Is Good!

These past few weeks , no this past year has been filled with major changes and adjustments.  I left one job that for another and now I’m on to another one. From leaving one job to starting a new one. I have had to make changes in a shorter amount of time than I usually would, but it’s necessary. I have always preferred comfort over change. I won’t say that I despise change, but if I could keep things my way, why not?

I shared in a previous Motivational Monday post, Pray Your Way Out of It, that I had been laid off from a job that I had spent nearly a year at. The reality of things, nothing lasts forever. Prior to that job, I had worked at a daycare center throughout college and  beyond for a grand total of 6 years. I left on my terms. This time around, I didn’t really have that. I was waiting in limbo for a full-time position after it was mentioned it would be available and I’d be a candidate. I had turned down interviews to excel in the position that I was in and see where it would lead me. The only place it led me was to the unemployment line. I had t make an adjustment and fast.

The difference between the two experiences is that one was on my terms while the other was not. I knew for quite some time that the daycare center was not the end all be all for me. I had not gone to college and grad school to spend the rest of my days there. It got to a point where I was complaining all the time. I wasn’t happy. It was a lot of unnecessary drama that came with it and I knew that whining would not solve the problem. It never did. I had to make the change. I put in my two week notice and that was it.

This time around, I didn’t have that power. Well, I could have. Yet, there I was being timid in that situation. When I left the daycare I didn’t have a backup plan. I didn’t have a job waiting for me. I just knew in order for me to excel, I had to leave. Why would this time be any different? Why was I so worried? While I could have stayed until the end of that month, I decided to hit the ground running and figure out my next step.

I put the ball back in my court. I now had the chance to change the situation and do what was best for me. I did not want to leave bitter and in all honesty, there was no need to waste my time in a position that was going nowhere when I could be putting my energy elsewhere.

In life, when things are working out great we don’t want it to change. I had went from nearly an hour commute to just 20 minutes. I had more time for myself. I had more time to do what it was that I wanted to do. It was perfect, or so I thought. I could have been blinded by the fact that this was my first job outside of the daycare center. When you’re desperate for a paycheck so that you can survive and fulfill your financial obligations, you do what you have to do. The position was what I needed at that time.

Exactly a week after I was laid off I was able to land another position doing what I love to do, writing. I was able to use the connection that I had and see what was out there. Thankfully everything happened just like that and I was in my new position two weeks after being laid off. I think to the times that I took for granted the fact that I had never been laid off. I think of all those people that have been and the responsibilities that they must have. I have my own, but I also do not have a family that I need to take care off. All in all, I see the experience as it was not for me. Honestly and truly if it was, I still would have been there.

As for now, I’m back in the area where I used to work. I have that commute again. I have more financial responsibilities. I have to strategically plan my time. For instance, I know I will be commuting an hour everyday and that I value my sleep so I had to find the balance between the two. I prep my food for the week and lay out my clothes just to make my mornings easier.

Is this my ideal situation, no. Yet sometimes the change is necessary to get to our next destination. It’s not meant for us to be comfortable in every situation. Implementing the change and adjusting to it is a lesson. It prepares us for other trials and tribulations we may encounter. I live my life by everything happening for a reason. I went through it. All I can do is never let it keep me down and move on to the next.

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