Life After College | 4 Years Later

May 23, 2013 I graduated from undergrad with a B.A. in English Communications – Broadcast Journalism. As for what my degree entailed, I studied English literature and radio/TV production for four years. I started in 2009 and finished in 2013 which was an accomplishment in itself as not many people in the program finished in 4 years. I didn’t take summer classes and my semesters were jam packed, but I finished. After graduation, it was just that, a graduation. No career like some of my other friends. No full-time job with benefits. I was still working at a daycare making minimum wage. In fact, I had just had surgery two weeks prior and hadn’t worked the entire month of May plus I wrapped up an internship with Billboard. Receiving my degree made all the twists and turns of my last academic year worth it. Here I am 4 years later where I can happily reflect on that time in my life as I make a stride in my career. 

I’m no stranger to sharing my journey to where I am today and where I hope to be in hopes of helping/inspiring/motivating someone else. I’ve shared college tips, dealing with the emotions throughout college, tips to staying on top of everything, and even sugar coating my life after.

When I graduated from college I wasn’t thinking about a career. I had a job working at a daycare center. The pay sucked yet I was managing to pay bills. I had refund checks from student loans I now had to pay back. I didn’t have a car payment and my car insurance was super cheap. I was on the brink of being an “adult,” but hell I didn’t have any major responsibilities. I kept telling myself, take a break, you deserve it. The end of 2013 came and went, 2014, 2015, 2016, here we are nearly half way through 2017. I look at the calendar and it’s been 4 whole years. What the hell have I really done?

College is no joke and it takes a lot of discipline and focus to finish. Thankfully I had the drive and focus. I’ve always loved learning. When I chose my major I chose it based off an interest I had, not the kind of job that I would expect to get 4 years later. That’s something to definitely consider but as time went on in the program I thought, I could make a career out of this.

I don’t live with regrets. I honestly and truly believe that we go through what we go through in life for a reason. We may not understand the journey and it might take longer to get to the destination, but it’s all for a purpose.

My biggest mistake? Waiting until my Senior year to get an internship. Internships are key in college. You gain experience. You get to scope out the job and pick the brain of someone that knows the field better than you. Yet, I had an online internship which I don’t recommend. It’s not the same as going into an office and working with someone. I then landed an internship with Billboard my last semester. Internships are a requirement for Seniors, but it should be a requirement once you hit your sophomore year at least to help with the process of looking and then by your junior year you actually land one. Some colleges/universities may offer this. There was so many loop holes in mine. There was no central location within each program for this which would’ve been helpful as each job search depending on your major would be different.

2013, 21 with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. I didn’t have a job offer when I graduated. 2016 I earned my MBA in Marketing. Still, no fancy job offer. Through all of this, I stayed at a job where I was comfortable for an entire 3 years before deciding to make a change. I made excuses, owning the fact that I was stuck. Here I am 4 years later taking chances and risks I know I would’ve been too afraid to take 4 years ago. Age really does make a difference. Cheers to growth & maturity! Cheers to all the 2017 graduates! Cheers to higher education! 🎓

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