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Welcome to another post here on the blog and a new edition in my latest series, Cheap Planning. I have shared my tips for those that are new to planning in my Planning for Beginners series from finding your planner style to building your stash, and organization. This mini series is using items you have on hand already whether you’re a beginner or a ‘seasoned’ planner. This first two editions featured sticky notes and washi tape. This edition is all about utilizing those magazines that you have stacked up before they hit the trash (well recycle). Whether you paid $1 for your planner or more, this Cheap Planning series works for ANY and EVERY planner.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

mag-2Build Your Stash

I had magazines lying around my house, piling up, yet I had no use for them. I’ve created vision boards and I’ve done projects with kids when I worked at a daycare with them, but lately they’ve become wasted subscriptions. After seeing an Instagram story by the user (and Etsy shop owner) TammisObsessions, I decided to rip through the magazines I had. She used her magazine clippings for journaling which I’ll discuss further down.

I ripped out everything that spoke to me. From words to phrases, images, articles. I ripped it all out. I had Chicago PD playing in the background. It was really a great way to catch up on my show plus pass the time of building my stash.

My Subscriptions?

  • Women’s Day
  • Oprah Magazine
  • The Good Life 
  • Redbook 


After building my stash I had them in large sheet protectors simply as a catch all. I thought of smaller sheet protectors, but I didn’t want to adjust my functioning sticker binders so I had to find another option. I purchased $1 photo albums from Dollar Tree as I was testing out war binders. I categorized what I ripped/cut out into smaller categories each being a separate pocket.

Planning with Magazine Clippings

I saw someone in one of the many planner Facebook groups that I am a part of share a planner spread with magazine clippings. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to create this series in the first place. You can create an entire planner spread with magazine clippings.  Each spread would have a different theme. I for one would love to do a Springy/Summery spread with magazine clippings from a home decor type magazine versus a beauty themed spread with clippings of makeup that I can get in just about any  magazine.

Use the larger clippings as decor for your spread. You can create headers for different sections of each day by simply cutting the words out of the planner. Think outside of the box. Don’t let the larger images keep you from using these clippings in your planner. Use a clipping or two as a focal point.

Journaling with Magazines Clippings 

Journaling may seem a little bit easier with magazine clippings. I would use certain words that I cut out as prompts and write how that word speaks to me. I also created a fitness journal in my traveler’s notebook where I cut out magazine clippings that spoke to me on areas that I was interested in from healthy eating to migraines. They’re great to pop in and you don’t need a fancy journal. You can take a notebook and a magazine and make it your own.

Want more tips on cheap planning? 

Click HERE for the entire series!

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