Cheap Planning | Washi Tape

Cheers to another post here on the blog and another edition in my latest mini series, Cheap Planning. I have shared my tips for those that are new to planning in my Planning for Beginners series from finding your planner style to building your stash, and organization. This mini series is using items you have on hand already whether you’re a beginner or a ‘seasoned’ planner. This first edition features sticky notes. More to come in this series including using just a pen and magazine clippings. Whether you paid $1 for your planner or more, this Cheap Planning series works for ANY and EVERY planner.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

The planner that I decided to use for this series is my Plum Paper planner. If you would like more on the ins and outs of that planner, check out my Planning for 2017 series here. Regardless of the style of planner: discbound, coil, ring bound, or journal, these tips will work.

As noted, this edition is all about washi tape. I have an entire Washi Tape 101 post so click here for that. When it comes to planning with this, it’s one of the simplest and one of my favorite. You can find washi tape just about anywhere from Dollar Tree to craft stores. Washi is definitely getting fancier and they can get pretty pricey. My tip: It’s just tape. Wait, wait, WAIT for a sale or some type of coupon so that you’re not paying full price. IT’S JUST TAPE! I recently shared my new washi tape organization and I’m content with my collection, but there are so many options out there that I want.

There are so many types of washi that you can buy from thin to value packs, two packs, and of course single rolls. I have been buying washi by the value pack rolls that are sold. I purchased the Michaels seasonal washi tape box for $10 around Christmas. Compared to the regular price they had it for $25, I would never pay that much. The boxes contain s 45 rolls of washi and at $25, that breaks down to a little over 50 cents a roll. Yes that meets the criteria that I have when shopping for washi of $1 or less per roll, but $25 is  bit steep for tape. This item in particular used to be one of their ‘Everyday Value’ deals which you can’t use coupons on. This product is no longer a part of that deal, so coupons can be used. Before purchasing, USE ONE!

When you break down the price of washi even in value packs, get it to $1 a roll. If the price breaks down to cheaper than that, great. The other roll that I bought was at Hobby Lobby. Their washi tape is a part of their Paper Studio collection and lately they’ve been having 50% off sales on this line like clockwork. Their washi tape tubes are priced, $12.99, $14.99, and $19.99. I bought their Floral Washi Tape set which has 9 rolls of various sizes. For $7, with the 50% off, that breaks down to a little over 75 cents a roll. Right up my alley and ideal when buying washi.

How to plan with washi?

When I use wash tape I usually use it to create full boxes, for decorative uses throughout the planner, or to mark off periods of time. You can use washi to create headers, flags, and banners.

Copy of Copy of HP + Plum Paper PWM-11.jpg

When creating this spread I used washi tape in the sidebar and each of the columns. All washi used in this spread is from the Michaels Seasonal Washi Tape Box. I did not use any other headers, this spread is nothing but washi. I stacked washi on the bottom since I would not be using that space. As for the sidebar, I used some of the washi that had sayings, layered on top of washi layered for a full box look. The headers at the top were covered with washi as well.

Planner Tip: If washi is too sheer, layer another piece on top. 

When I wrote something that worked for the following day, such as my work schedule, I created an arrow with washi tape. I didn’t have to write my schedule over and I added a decorative touch. This week in particular I didn’t have much going on so I used the washi tape to decorate the bottom and then I wrote in my TV shows above that, topping that section off with solid washi. Depending on your schedule you can use washi tape to separate your planner columns from your work/school schedule, your to-do list, business, positive note of the day, etc.

Check out the links below for washi tape that you can find in store and online:


Want more tips on cheap planning? 

Click HERE for the entire series!

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