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Cheers to another post here on the blog and a new mini series called, Cheap Planning. I have shared my tips for those that are new to planning in my Planning for Beginners series from finding your planner style to building your stash, and organization. This mini series is using items you have on hand already whether you’re a beginner or a ‘seasoned’ planner. This first edition features sticky notes. More to come in this series include using just a pen, magazine clippings, and washi tape. Whether you paid $1 for your planner or more, this Cheap Planning series works for ANY and EVERY planner.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

The planner that I decided to use for this series is my Plum Paper planner. If you would like more on the ins and outs of that planner, check out my Planning for 2017 series here. Regardless of the style of planner: discbound, coil, ring bound, or journal, these tips will work.

Where to buy sticky notes?

I have quite a massive sticky notes collection that I have accumulated since I started planning back in 2015. I have downsized tremendously, but most of my sticky notes have come from the Target Dollar Spot, well when it was still called the Target Dollar Spot/One Spot. Typically you could get 2/$1 while the thicker pads are $1. I will say they thr adhesive of the ones from Target were better, but you can use additional adhesive if you want. I would recommend washi tape as it easy to move around if you need to adjust and it won’t ruin your pages, plus it adds decoration.

Aside from Target, I have purchased sticky notes from Staples such as Post-It ones, but most of those I’ve had for years left over from college and grad school. Other places to find sticky notes are at Dollar Tree, AC Moore, and Jo-Ann Fabrics. They’re just about everywhere, but never pay more than $1 for them.

How to use them? 

You can use sticky notes a variety of ways. Some people use them for pre-planning. Pre-planning is simply using sticky notes to keep track of all that you have going on. Generally these include appointments, events, and even birthdays. It saves from having to write it in with a pencil. You can just move it around as plans change. These work well not only in a weekly spread, but in a monthly spread as well.


With this particular spread, I used the sticky notes for larger lists and I placed them in between boxes to note they wouldn’t be done on just one day. These smaller ones I used as headers and as appointment trackers. They don’t really have a theme, but with all the sticky notes that come out for each season, it’d be easy to create a more cohesive spread. I generally like to use sticky notes in the corner of the pages as more of an anchor. If I am making a larger list it fits better in those spots as they are pretty large and can take up quite a bit of the weekly spread.

It’s all about finding your rhythm when planning and for those that are just starting out and do not have the budget or just don’t know where to start, try using what you have first. I will say that just because all the sticky notes are pretty / trendy, don’t buy them all. I’ve noticed that the ones from Target are not that adhesive so keep that in mind.

Want more tips on cheap planning? 

Click HERE for the entire series!

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