Motivational Monday | Irrelevant Goals?

When I come across something that makes me think outside the box or simply changes my perspective, I like to share it here on the blog. The purpose of this Motivational Monday series, even my Sound Off series for that matter is to challenge your way of thinking. Sometimes we get so boxed in to what “we” think that we tend to ignore the insightful thoughts of others. A Facebook video that I recently came across is one of those instances that made me think. The topic, goal setting. Are my goals irrelevant? Am I not progressing the way I want because I’m stuck?

I came across Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory on Facebook in an excerpt of a video titled. He sat down for a discussion with entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Vishen Lakhiani. After finding the entire discussion on YouTube, the part that stuck out to me the most was the point that Vishen made of goals being pointless.

These goals are not coming from inside us. They’re coming from the culture scape. The culture scape is basically a safety net mechanism.

He introduced “The 3 Most Important Questions” :

  • What are the types of experiences I want to have?
  • For me to have all these experiences, how do I have to grow?
  • To be that person to have all these experiences and have grown in such a way, how can I give back to the world?

Vishen went on to share insight on how we tend to chase “means” goals rather than “end” goals. Means goals for me included graduating from college, getting my Masters, and finding a full-time job. The reasoning behind each of these results in the end goal. While graduating college was something that was expected of me, I wanted to get my Masters so that I could catapult the various business ventures such as starting a nonprofit and kickstarting business for others.

Forget the means goals, instead go straight to the end goals.

From there it’s about deciding how do I need to grow to get to these experiences. One area I know a lot of what holds me back is either speaking too much or not speaking at all. When I’m around my friends I can be quite the chatter box. Well, when I get comfortable around someone that’s the case. Yet, when it comes to business settings I tend to hold back in fear of saying something dumb. That’s a confidence issue within myself that I know I need to work on.

Growth is a goal in itself.

Lastly, how will I pay this forward? Although I’m not where I want to be, I mean I’m only 25. Then again, age does not and should not play a factor in paying it forward. For instance, I am past President of the Junior Missionary Society at my church. While I am not an active member of the Senior Missionary Society, I still create monthly gifts for the residents of the nursing home that my church visits. I don’t have to, I don’t paid to, but I enjoy doing it. I’ve experienced the smiles on their faces as some of them have no one to visit them. I’ve grown from this experience. That is one area of fulfillment that I have reached and will continue to do what I can.

Questioning the rules of the culture scape so we can stay true to our own identity.

Getting back to my original question, are my goals irrelevant? I think that some of the goals I have in mind may be what’s expected in society such as going to college, getting married, having kids, and having a career. I think manifesting personal goals is what takes your thinking to the next level. So many people never act on their passions/interests due to what other people will think.

Looking outside of what Vishen defines as the “culture scape” will take thinking and action to the next level. Some may not see this message as revolutionary, but I see this way of thinking insightful, especially for those that don’t know where to start.

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