Wellness Wednesday | Starting Over

Cheers to another post here on the blog. I’m definitely getting back into the groove of having a post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, plus getting back to into my series. One series that has been neglected for nearly a year now is Wellness Wednesday. The last edition I had was ‘What I’m Eating’ and before that ‘What’s In My Workout Bag.’ A lot has changed since July of 2016. I’ve been eating a lot more (my anxiety plays a key factor in that) and I’ve changed jobs in which I’m sitting a lot more. With May 2017 in full swing (it’ll be over before we know it), I wanted to start over. Well, not just start over, but change my lifestyle.

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What have I tried?

I would say that I’ve tried just about everything, but I haven’t. When it comes to changing my diet, the only thing I’ve tried was Whole 30. I did it with a friend back in 2015 and it worked. I did see a difference. I saw a difference because I was conscious about what I was putting into my body. Other than that, I just “plan” to workout yet I never stick to it. It’s not because I can’t do it. It’s not because my body is sore. The soreness goes away. It just comes down to not feeling like it. I will say that having to prep what I eat and taking  the time to work out versus sitting on the couch has been a huge factor as well.

What do I really want?

I want to live a healthier lifestyle in general. It goes beyond changing what I eat and exercising. It’s really a life change that is a process. As for the areas I want to focus on, my stomach is top priority. I’ve always had a stomach and as I get older (although I’m only 25), it’s only going to get harder for me to lose it. As for other areas I want to tone, my legs and my arms are key. In focusing on those three areas, I feel everything else will balance out.

What changes have I made thus far?

While I have been thinking about changing my diet, strategically changing it, the main change that I’ve made is drinking more water. Well, 90% of what I drink is water. I have gone out to different functions where I’ve had a cup of soda or tea/lemonade, but I primarily drink water. 

I have started to make more conscious decisions over what I’m eating, especially what I eat at work. Since I’m behind a desk most of the day, I’ve backed off the variety of chips I eat sticking to “healthier” alternatives such as pretzels and wheat crackers. I also pack smaller portions and eat a snack every couple hours. I make sure that my lunch if filling. I noticed they having a salad or a hearty soup gives me energy. Previous lunch options along with drinking soda/juice had slowed me down. Drinking nothing but water at work also forces me to get up from my desk as I either need to refill or go to the bathroom. Lastly, with the warmer weather, I spend my hour long lunch break walking. During this time I’ll listen to music or some type of YouTube video. This walk is essential so I can move around and with weather permitting I always make time to go out and walk. 


I definitely want to include more working out aside from walking on my lunch break. As noted I have certain areas of my body that I want to tone, so I’m in the process of creating a workout plan. This plan is to target those areas, but not take up too my time. I find myself reluctant to workout when it’s the same routine. I’m looking into creative ways to get moving. This week I’ve been experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s a process that I’m not rushing into. Going full throttle will throw me off track all over again. Building consistency is what I need. 

Ready for the journey?

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