Motivational Monday | Refocus & Prioritize

Welcome to a new post here on the blog and HELLO MAY! I wanted to touch base and follow-up on a vision board post I created at the top of the year with areas that I wanted to focus on. With a third of 2017 gone, it’s time to regroup, refocus, and see what areas need to become a priority.

Vision boards
have always been my jam. Yes, I said my jam. It’s another creative outlet for me that I enjoy. The issue with vision boards, one that I’m horrible at, is leaving it as a decorative piece in my office instead of actually using it. When I was reflecting last year on what I had actually accomplished in 2016, I accomplished a lot on my vision board, but I never took the time to update it. While mine does not have pictures like other traditional vision boards, it still can be updated. A certain area may need more focus and a picture could be added for further encouragement.


As for the 5 areas I wanted to focus on:

  • Worship
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Reading
  • Chaotic Critic

Over the past four months I have been making strides in these five areas, some more than others. In some areas, there is nothing I can do just yet, but I have a game plan ready to go.

Worship and my connection to God is one area that remains at the center and one that I am proud to be making strides in. I no longer have anxiety when going to church and I’ve actually been attending services here and there. It’s the little things that make the difference and my church having a new Pastor is one of them. I have slacked completely when it comes to my devotions. It comes down to not making the time, but taking the time for God just like I would take the time for anything else that I want to do. If I can take the time to watch 3 hours of my favorite shows or a movie than I can do the same with taking time to worship. I’m still proud of the strides that I have made especially in not boxing myself in and sharing with others. I mean, human interaction, not just typing away my experiences.

My career and finances go hand in hand, but I am elevating in my field. Once things fall in place the way I know they will, I will be able to set in place my financial plan to pay off the credit cards I have hovering over me and figure out, strategically, how I will pay back my student loans. Once I get a handle on those, I will be able to turn my attention to the business ventures I have in mind.

Reading, oh reading. I’m not going to say that I don’t read  because I read something every day for pleasure. It’s just that I never get to the books on my reading list and it makes me wonder, do I really want to read them or do I want to collect them to have them on my shelf? I have listened to audibles of a few books, but it’s nothing like having a physical copy. We’ll see how that goes. That’s one area that will be coming off my list and being replaced. It’s just NOT a priority for me right now.

What will I replace it with? Do I really need to replace it? While worship works on me from the inside, I need to work on myself on the outside. It’s time to add fitness back to my list. I go through spurts of yes, I’m working out. Then, everything crumbles and I go months without doing anything. I’m slowly working my way back into it and changing my lifestyle in general, not just thinking of fad diets I can do to lose weight. I’ll be sharing more on my fitness journey in my Wellness Wednesday series. I will say that the word “fitness” does nothing for me so when categorizing this I would put it under personal care.

My blog definitely needs to becomes more of a priority. I haven’t had the energy to create posts and a lot of that has to do with my anxiety. Some days I’m into it, some days I’m not. I can have a bolt of energy to crank out posts at midnight and stay up until 3am (sometimes even later than that) writing or doing SOMETHING creative and then the next day it’ll be gone. Now you may think, well duh, because you’re tired. Aside from 8 hours of sleep needing to move to a top priority, my lack of motivation can last for days. I want to get back into a rhythm of posting 3 days a week and creating content that I love. I won’t post anything that I’m not in love with. Rest assured, everything that I post on Chaotic Critic comes from within.

If we keep the mindset of “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “there’s always next month,” we’ll never get anything done. Although my anxiety/depression is a constant struggle for me, I’ve noticed that when I make the choice to be productive my mood instantly changes. For example, I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Monday’s are one of my off days and while some may see this as a perk, I still have a lot to get done. Adulting never ends. On a Monday like today I would love to sit on my couch curled in a blanket and watch TV, Netflix, YouTube, whatever. Again, the adulting never ends. I decided to get up and get my day going even though it was 2pm. Even though I didn’t feel like it. I got done what I needed to on my list, for the most part, and my entire mood changed. Do I always accomplish/get through what’s on my daily to do list? Most times, no. I also don’t beat myself up over not getting everything done. Taking the time to do something, getting SOMETHING done, builds consistency which I so desperately need.

I’m excited for what’s to come the rest of 2017. Taking the time to map out what’s worked and hasn’t worked was beneficial in moving forward.

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