$2.99 Washi Tape Storage

Welcome to another post here on the blog. For those that are frequent readers, thank you. For those that are checking out Chaotic Critic for the first time, thank you, and I hope you find something you enjoy. I love sharing deals that I find with you all. As a planner and creative junkie (I use what I hoard), I could not leave behind this nearly $40 regularly priced item that was marked down to $2.99.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Container Used:

The container that I purchased is the CraftStack Classic Washi Tape Organizer (Cre8ted Space collection) regularly priced at $39.99. The Michaels that I went to this time around is my least favorite location, but they had “grab bags” by the registers. I’ve never been able to find grab bags at Michaels, but today must’ve been my lucky day.  I had walked around the store in circles looking for the latest Happy Planner stickers, which I didn’t find, but as I was leaving I spotted this crate. Most of the items were either destroyed or not in a bag at all, but when I saw this washi storage I had to get it. Plus for $2.99 ($3.50 with tax), a deals a deal. Seriously, why would I turn down a product with 90% savings?!

Copy of Copy of HP + Plum Paper PWM-3

The container features three drawers which cascade down when opening them. I love that they don’t come off the track. I also love that this container came already assembled so all I had to do was slide it out of the box. As for the color, I found this pink one, but they do have it in white. I have pops of color in my office and it fits in great. If you wanted to you could take it a step further and spray paint it, but it’s just fine for me.

Previous Storage:

My previous washi storage was a Snapware container that worked just fine. The great thing about my previous storage is that you can stack as many as you want together and have a lid on top. I had 3 stacked together and it’s worked for me since 2015. I had not grown out of the storage, I had actually grown into it since 2015. Washi is not my go to when it comes to buying planner goodies, although I have a few on my wish list.

How did I organize it?


As noted, the container has 3 drawers and my previous storage had 3 stacks. All I did was transfer the washi from each layer into the draws. The top drawer has my favorite most used washi. The second drawer is primarily filled with fabric tape, washi tape, and fashion duct tape that I got from Dollar Tree. My favorite drawer is drawer 3 filled with seasonal washi such as Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day.

If you have a container like this you can organize by color, by type, or by design. I’ve tried to organize my washi by color, but for the most part I organize them by type. I love that these containers are stackable although I have my previous system on hand if I want to expand. I do not have anything else stacked on top, so for now on top of it I have my seasonal washi tape box on Michaels which is in a storage system of its own.  I’m content with my collection for now.


Was the Change Worth It?

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