Jo-Ann Fabrics Haul

Welcome to a new post here on the blog and my first ever Joann Fabrics Haul. I’ve shopped at the store before, more recently than I ever have, and I finally have enough to share a haul. The location that I go to has more a fabric selection, hence the name of the store, but their crafty section isn’t too bad.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I love going craft shopping with my grandmother and this trip was no different. All items purchased in this haul were under $40 as we used the $10 off $40+ coupon. All the paper crafting items were 40% off, some were 60% off and the scrapbook paper was 12/$2 breaking down to 17 cents a sheet. As for what my grandmother picked out, she ending up getting a wind chime that was 60% off, coming to $11.99. The other odds and ends she ended up getting on clearance as well.

Note: Anytime I go shopping I go straight for the clearance section. Also, be sure to scan because the price may be even cheaper than what the tag reads!

As for what I purchased for myself, I went in for their double stick tape that they have in their $1.99 section under the Ms. Sparkle & Co line. They have odds and ends in the section from baggies to tons of mini scrap pads, greeting cards, and washi tape. This double stick tape comes in two sizes, 1 inch / 20 yards, and .5 inch / 15 yards. I prefer the 1 inch roll, but they only had 1 in stock so I picked up a total of four. I’ll be putting the .5 inch in my planner bag since it’s flatter. As noted, these tapes are $1.99 and I only planned on buying 2, but after scanning they were on sale for $1.19, so I bought 4.


Aside from the tape I took the plunge and purchased a Webster’s Pages Color Crush Traveler’s notebook on sale. They are regularly $32.99, but I purchased the emerald color  for $14.99. They had the tan one in store, but it was $19.99 so I opted for the emerald. I will say that while I can find some gems in Jo-Ann’s, their selection is not all that great. In comparison to the one from Michaels this one is more structured and has pockets. The material is much different, and the one from Michaels has 2 strings while this one has 4. In the Michaels traveler’s notebook I was able to fit 6 books while in this one I can squeeze in 12, but I currently have 6. Two are wrapped around the front and back strings while a single one is wrapped around the other two.

I ended up buying some mini Teresa Collins mini notebooks and I really wish they would’ve fit into this traveler’s notebook, but they’re too short. The width is perfect though. They were a regular $6.99 which I would never pay for 3 notebooks regardless of how cute they are, but they were on sale for 30% off at $4.19. This set is so cute with 3 the designs and the variety. They have 1 lined, 1 grid, and 1 dot. All 3 are 32 pages. I’m looking into getting a smaller, well shorter, traveler’s notebook that will accommodate these. My research says a B6 size, but I’m still searching.


Lastly I purchased some scrapbook paper. Did I need anymore? Probably not, but they were on sale, so why not. I wish they would have a larger selection, but even my local Michaels doesn’t have one. I may have to place an order online for the good stuff, but for now I’ll stick to what I can find. I picked out some floral prints, of course, as well as some that had cute wording. I have two sheets that I can cut down into smaller pieces which are always great to maximize. I’m still mastering how I store my scrapbook paper, but once I get it together, I’ll definitely be sharing.


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