What’s In My Travel Planner Bag?

Welcome to yet another post here on the blog. In this post I’m sharing what is in my on the go planner bag that I will be using with my traveler’s notebook. I wanted to be able to bring my travelers notebook with me to work so I can journal on my lunch break. All items in the bag have been consolidated and compacted for easiest use.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

What bag do I use?

I use a cosmetic bag that I received for Christmas years ago. The brand is Trina and you can find similar styles at your local Ross or TJMaxx. The bag contains a zippered pocket, two snap in pockets (one clear), and then a spot in the back for my pens. Being that it’s a cosmetic bag the spots are made for makeup brushes, but they’re perfect for pens and you can fit quite a bit.

While there are an array of cosmetic cases, the best option for storing your planner supplies is one that contains a spot for makeup brushes and zipper pouches. The other bags are either two small or they’d work well if all you wanted to do was carry around pens. For those that want to cram as much as they can on the go, a cosmetic bag with various storage within is the best bet.

I have a larger travel bag that my grandmother gave me that has two sections for clear pouches. To further organize a bag lil this that does not have smaller compartments within, you can take other smaller cosmetic bags you have and organize your supplies that way. Or if you like seeing everything, use rubber bands/paperclips for further organization.

What’s Inside?


In the slot where i have my pens, theres 8 pockets in total that fit 3 pens each. In addition to two black markers that I use to create boxes throughout my journal I have:

Out of the two pockets, in the clear one I have stickers. I custom make my sticker sheets by cutting down old ones that I have and then consolidating my stickers. Great way to pick and choose what you want specifically opposed to carrying around stacks of stickers.

In the other pocket (the leopard pocket) I have washi samples, journaling cards, and a couple clips. I once had full washi rolls in the pocket, but consolidating them to samples works better. The washi that I use are the ones I don’t typically use in my planner. The back pocket holds all of my tools from tape to glue, white out, a ruler, and an eraser. Everything is compact, easy to get to and not overstuffed so that I can utilize what I have. When I need to replenish, I can switch up to a particular theme I have in mind or any other particular goodies.


In my larger travel bag I did not further organize what’s inside. I like being able to see everything. I just put my planner and traveler’s notebook on one side and then the items I wanted to use for journaling/planning on the other. I just tossed in whatever I had in mind to use and left it at that. I have scraps of scrapbook paper, larger scissors, and stickers I’m using in my current planner spread. (Currently using the sticker pack from the Hobby Lobby Petals + Blooms collection that I scored 50% off.)

Check out the links below for items featured to recreate an on the go planner bag of your own.

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