Multiple Planner Set Up

Hi my name is Lakia and I use more than one planner. Do I need to use more than one planner? Of course not. Why not consolidate everything into one location. Well, maybe next year I will. I went through 2015 and 2016 with one planner and I and a notebook for all of my blog ideas. In this post I’ll be sharing  I now have three planners that I use on a regular.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

The three planners that I use on a regular basis are my every day planner, the Happy Planner, and my work planner which is a merge of Purple Trail and the Staples arc system. Lastly, I use the personal-planner as my blog planner. That planer I do not use as frequently as the other too, but when I’m drafting posts and videos I use it along with my May Designs notebook to further draft ideas.

Work Planner


In setting up my work planner for the week, I take the last 5 minutes of my work day on Friday to set up my planner for the next week. In using the Purple Trail inserts, it has lines and a gap in between each day so that I can turn it into an hourly. I got the idea from CoffeeMonsterzCo and it works great.

After setting up my hourly, I note clock in/out on each day because I tend to forget as I jump right into emails when I get to work. I also use wash tape to mark off the days that I am not in, Monday/Wednesday. I also use the washi tape throughout the week to mark large chunks of time which are typically meetings.

On the weekend section I cross out Saturday and replace it with ‘This Week’ and cross out Sunday and replace it with ‘Next Week.’ I then grab a to do list from the back of my planner and add it in between the weekly pages. Lastly, before I close up for the day I transfer over any information that’s top priority from the previous week. Voila, all done.

All it takes is 5 minutes of my day and I do it at the end of Friday just to double check and make sure that I’m not forgetting any information that’s fresh on my mind for the following week.

Happy Planner (Personal)


My Happy Planner, my baby, is what most readers here on the blog have seen. I bought my first one when they were initially released back in 2015 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Although it’s my personal planner, the one that I use the most, it’s more decorative. Lately, I’ve been taking more of a scrapbook approach adding not just my daily to do lists, but my feelings of the week as well.

This particular spread featured larger stickers I purchased on sale at Hobby lobby. I created a border around the page and filled in like I usually would. Since I didn’t have the sidebar to utilize in this spread, I created an insert out of a journaling card for a general to do list and on the back I wrote in details on an allergic reaction that I had for the week. Since then I’ve just wrote about how my week has gone or a particular moment.

Personal-Planner (Blog)


I absolutely love how you can customize the personal-planner, but I will be honest in saying that it’s my least frequently used planner. For my blog planner, I’d be fine with just mapping out my posts in a monthly planner, similar to what you can find at Dollar Tree. While I have the planner, I use it to map out my blog posts.

I write the posts on the days that they’re going to be on, well the day I’ve scheduled them for. I’ve recently added in sticky nots which I can move from week to week if I want. Other than that, it’s the ultimate brain dump of what I want to produce for the blog. Since this planner does not have tabs, I use post-it tabs to mark the current month, the month after that, and my weekly page. Since I’m just getting back into this planner on a regular basis, I used double stick tape for the pages I didn’t use.

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