What I’m Loving So Far in 2017!

Happy April and welcome to another post here on the blog. I cannot believe we’re into the fourth month of 2017. Time is really flying for sure. I wanted to share my 2017 favorites so far from music to YouTubers.

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I love sharing my favorites with my readers. It gives a glimpse into not only what I’m obsessed with at the moment, but my more so into my personality as well. I’ve divided my favorites into 5 categories: music, books, YouTube, Instagram, and Netflix.


I’ve always been a music lover and I’ll always share my music with you all. I will say that not a lot of music hits my radar, but I have found what I like to call gems. For your convenience, I’ve created a Spotify playlist. How informercial of me.

Out of the list that I’ve compiled over the past three months I would say that it comes down to a tie between James Arthur’s, ‘Say You Won’t Let Go,’ and Jon Brellion’s ‘All Time Low,’ as my favs and most listened to. I also have been listening to a lot of acoustic covers to such as Brandi Carlile’s, ‘Forever Young,’ and Boyce Avenue featuring Be a Miller, ‘We Can’t Stop.’


I’ll definitely need to share a more in depth review of what I’ve been reading in a future edition of Chaotic Reads, but Audible is EVERYTHING! It’s been about a month or so since I listened to an audiobook, but I can be research for hours at a time at work listening to an audiobook has been great. I’ve finished Angie Martinez’s, My Voiceand Taraji P. Henson’s, Around the Way GirlUp next on my list:

I definitely want physical copies of all these books, but until I get them, Audbile is my bestie.


I love watching all my cop/crime shows on Netflix from NCIS to Criminal Minds, CSI: New York, and my latest obsession, Blue Bloods. I will say that my boyfriend got me hooked on The Flash and I’m halfway through season 1 and after that I’ll be getting into Arrow, and all the other comic themed shows Netflix has an abundance of. I never thought I’d really get into it, but I enjoy The Avengers so I’m not too surprised that I’m into this. I mean, compared to the typical shows of fighting crime that I watch on a regular basis, this is a little different, but there’s a lot to pick a part and keep up with that keeps me interested.


I watch YouTube more than I watch TV, but I watch the same YouTubers such as CouponToProvide and ShesInHerApron on a regular basis, plus a ton of vloggers. That’s my regular playlist. As for new YouTubers I’ve discovered this year, the list is pretty small and it’s really no surprise that they’re into planning.

While I’m used to watching plan with me videos, it’s something about Stickebeans’ videos that I’m really into. As for bullet journaling, I love how people set theirs up and Boho Berry is like the MVP of it. I’ve found a lot of people on Instagram as well, but her walk through videos and her planning is one of my favorites. I love the style of bullet journaling as you have everything in one place from your weekly to monthly planning and trackers whether it’s for sleeping patterns or daily spending. For me, I’m not that artistic so it’s not something I would jump into. I’m interested in possibly trying it out, but I don’t know about fully committing to that style.


Instagram stories have become my favorite feature on Instagram so far in 2017 and I’ve been able to further discover and become inspired by the following Instagrammers (let’s go with that):

Watching these wonderful ladies has inspired me to share live action in my Instagram stories of projects that I am working on. I already create YouTube videos to correlate with quite a bit of my blog posts, but this is further interaction with my Instagram followers to learn more about me, real time.


I never really include games in my favorites list, but it would be horrible of me to not include my latest game obsession, Disney Emoji Blitz. I go through these phases of games that I get addicted to. At one point it was Candy Blast like many others, then Best Friends. I also was into Languinis. On Facebook I was addicted, very much so, to Kitchen Scramble. All great games, but then it got to a point where the game was just a little complex and you had to have coins to do this and that and if you don’t have them, you can’ t move on. With Disney Emoji Blitz you can just keep playing and regularly game coins and gems to elevate in the game. I’ve been playing it since January and I’m so happy that my friend recommended it to me.

Well that’s it for my first quarter favorites of 2017. Who knows what will be on my list next time around. Be sure to stay up to date with everything going on Chaotic Critic & beyond by following me on Instagram, @chaoitccritic.

Want to find out more of what I enjoy?

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Loving So Far in 2017!

  1. I was really surprised to find out how much I enjoyed binge watching “Flash” and “Arrow”! My 20-year-old daughter and I try to find some common ground so we can watch things together, and these were her picks after watching “Gilmore Girls” and “Lost” with me lol. Our tastes are very similar! I’m a planner, follow several of the same people on YouTube and Instagram, and love the cop/crime shows too 🙂 Have a great week!

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