2017 Closet Purge + Cheap Organization| Crush the Chaos

With Spring officially here it’s that time to clean out my closet. I find myself holding on to items for whatever reason. Maybe it has to do with wanting to have a full closet or maybe just to justify that particular purchase. In this post I share my yearly closet declutter, products I regret buying, and cheap organization.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I’m fortunate enough to have a decent sized closet. Living in an older house while the rooms are decent sized, the closets are small. When I was in my old room, I used a smaller hallway closet as my closet and it was filled wall to wall with clothes, shoes, an entire china cabinet that I had turned into my jewelry display. I absolutely loved the space and I worked hard to reuse pieces in my home from my grandmother’s old china cabinet with sliding glass doors to metal shelving that was in my basement. A coat of paint and voila, into the closet it went.

While I loved the space, I had entirely too much and the closet was just a display instead of actually being of function to me. I had two cases of heels that looked great to the eye, but I never wore them. I went through this phase of buying items based on what other people were wearing, especially YouTubers. Yeah, I said YouTubers. I would see what they had and since I had my own money to buy it (this was during college), I wold buy it.

As for what I REGRET buying:

  1. Sky High Heels | I would buy these super high heels and never wear them. I’m average height at 5’6, but all of my friends are shorter than me. So here I am wearing 3″-4″ heels and looking like an amazon next to them. It just wasn’t my style regardless of how pretty they were. Let me not forget to mention how UNCOMFORTABLE majority of them were. I have downsized my shoe collection twice and I prefer low chunky heeled booties for a little height. I do love the t-strap sandals and I could use a new pair of those. The latest edition was a pair of super cute lace-up heels. I have yet to wear them, but $30 at Target is still better than the $80-$100 I was spending on a pair of heels at Aldo.
  2. Jewelry | Forever 21 was the hot spot when I was in college and I would always find myself buying their super cheap jewelry from the studs to the necklaces. I was really into statement jewelry for whatever reason. While I still love statement jewelry I have downsized my necklace collection for sure. Also, I prefer basic hoop hearings and studs here and there. Other than that, I don’t wear jewelry on a daily basis. The only piece I wear regularly is an Alex and Ani bracelet gifted to me when I left my old job.
  3. Handbags | Out of the shoes and the jewelry, I had a massive handbag collection. I would buy totes like it was nothing and I would buy the same bag in multiple colors. All those bags racked  up and I ended up giving away majority of what I bought. I know some people may say, well your style changed. Still in all, style change or not, the money could have been put away instead of given away. I still have a decent sized handbag collection, with a few designer bags, nothing too crazy. As for adding to that collection, not anytime soon.

Cheap Organization

Top 5Clearanceshopping tips-81. Hooks 

My closet only has one rod, built in shelving and a few hooks. I had to really make use of the space that I had and maximize the space. The hooks in the wall across from the rod is where I hang my hoodies/jackets and laundry bags. It’s easier to store them on hooks as I will reach for them quicker than my other jackets/cardigans that I have hanging on the rod. Underneath I have stored shoes and seasonal pieces that I only reach for when it’s Christmas. Moving on to my closet door and my love for hooks, I leave my closet door open and utilize both sides of the door with hooks that I’ve purchased from Family Dollar and Dollar Tree. The inside of the door holds my purses and the outside has the statement necklaces that I decided to keep.

2. Hangers

While I have one rod, I do not have any of the fancy huggable hangers although those are handy especially when you’re in a smaller space. You can find these in many variations and colors at stores like Walmart, TJ Maxx, and Ross. Of course you can order them on Amazon and if you’re into informercials, HSN has a nice selection.

If you’re on the cheaper side like myself, when you buy an article of clothing, keep the hanger. Do all of the hangers in my closet match, of course not, but for one rod in my closet I’ve maximized the space. I’ve saved money on hangers in that case and I also brought in more space saving designs. I love layered hangers which I have used for my flannels, dress shirts, skirts, and pants. Even for those pant/skirt hangers, you can store two on one hanger front and back. I also came across the As Seen On TV Magic hangers that you can leave horizontally or cascade vertically. Mine are vertical and I store my cardigans. I will say that these do take up more space than my flat layered hangers that I have my flannels on, but they work just fine.

3. Bins/Baskets 

I LOVE BINS! I’m channeling my inner Oprah, “I love bread!” Seriously these have been the cheapest way that I’ve been able to maximize then built in shelves in my closet. the shelves are interesting as they are not the same width all the way across so I had to get creative with storage. Also being in the attic, that cut into stacking items on the shelves. I used larger bins on the top shelf to store my sweatpants/workout gear and loungewear since those items are the bulkiest. I then took baskets from Dollar Tree and divided my clothes by basic tees, printed tees tank tops, and sweaters. I also have a larger bin for my jeans which I roll instead of folding or hanging. The larger bins that I have are from a previous closet system. Reuse what you have before buying new organization!

I also have a smaller Dollar Tree underneath my rod that holds all of my sandals. I did a major declutter last year of my abundance of sandals, tossed what was old and only kept what I absolutely loved. I take them out when it’s summertime and place them inside of my bedroom for easier access, but other than that they’re in the closet.

4. Plastic Storage Drawers 

The best time to buy these are definitely during the back to school season when all the college storage is out. I have a larger white one with two drawers that I’ve had for years that stores extra lounge wear. The drawer fit perfectly under the shelf and next to it I keep my fringe boots and leather boots that I do not want to mess up. I then have two pairs of boots that fit perfectly and they are held upright with magazines inside. If you don’t have magazines, use newspapers or pool noodles that you can cut down.

The other storage drawers hold my leggings and shorts. With the shorter hanging items on the rod it fits perfectly. The container itself is blue and I would’ve preferred a clear one, but I scored in on clearance at Target for under $5 so it works just fine.

These containers are great if you’re organizing a child’s closet as well. Their items would not hang down as much and if you’re not using a dresser it’s a great way to store their clothes that they can reach as they get older.

5. Hanging Organizers 

I do not have a dresser like I’ve hand in my previous rooms. all of my clothes are in my closet, including my under garments. While I could have stored them in a basket or even one of the plastic drawers, I actually store them in a shoe organizer. It’s perfect in my closet and there’s plenty of compartments to organize my under garments without shoving them all into one. Towards the bottom I have bathing suits and cover ups. This has to be my favorite organization in my closet and the one that I have has a lid that I can pull down and cover the sections if I choose to.

Below are links to find the items featured above for under $10!

I’m happy to have taken the time to declutter my closet and get rid of, well donate, items that I am not wearing. It’s hard to let go for whatever reason we come up with in our minds, but in keeping what you love, you’re closet doesn’t overflow and you actually wear what you have.

Want more organization tips? 

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