Michaels Haul + Building my Craft Stash

I’ve been pretty good about not buying any crafty items these past couple of months and trying to use what I have. This week at Michaels they were offering their 60% off coupon on regular price stickers, washi tape, and embellishments by Recollections. The location I went to didn’t have anything that I wanted, so I decided to stock up with their scrapbook paper deals instead.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.


Before heading to Michaels I made a quick stop at AC Moore to pick up hanging sashes for my grandmother. You can put them in your closet to keep your clothes fresh and what not. For just a $1, not a bad deal. I found them near the Easter items they had in the front of the store near the register. Unfortunately they only had 3 prints available, 1 of which was overly stocked, but still a good deal for $1.


I have quite a love hate relationship with Michaels then again I could just be super cheap. I don’t like buying anything full price. I mean, who doesn’t want to get a deal if they can. Some items in my opinion can be overpriced, but the trendier the item, the pricier it is. I looked over the stickers that were on sale, but I wasn’t in love with any of them so even though there was a great sale, the sale will come gain like it always does.

I was more so on the hunt for scrapbook paper, but I decided to check out their $1.50/$2 section. These sections are separated at the location I went to, specifically on opposite sides of the store. Thankfully when I went in, the $1.50 items had been marked down to just $1. It might not seem like a big savings, but that extra 50 cents adds up. I picked up a few items for my grandmother. The best find were the adhesive cut out stickers with the sayings, “love,” “dream,” and “love.”


I am a part of a War Binder & War Binder Pen Pals Facebook groups and I will be sharing a lot of projects that pertain to what I’ll be sending pen pals, ideas that I come up with, and Spring themed projects. I shared a war binder that I had started to create using a $1 photo album from Dollar Tree with scrapbook paper I already had in my stash. The cards that I found in the $1.50 section at Michaels would be great to incorporate into that project. They also make great dividers or dashboards, they can be cut down for pocket letters goodies. I bought them for the sole purpose of sending happy mail / pocket letters in the future along with the coordinating list pads.


Moving on to what I went to Michaels for, the scrapbook paper. I knew that Michaels was having their regular 12 x 12 sheets on sale, 6 for $1. I then watched a CoupontoProvide video where she shared her Michaels 60% clearance haul and noted that the Hot Buy paper pads that are generally $19.99 for 48 sheets were on sale for $5. What better time for their to be a sale when I’m looking to add to my stash! I wish that they would display these better, but the location I was at did not have a wide variety of paper pad designs. I decided to go with Bahama Mama design which is perfect for this time of year.

Breaking down the price, if you were to buy $5 of single sheets, you’d only get 30 while with the Hot Buy paper pads you’re getting 18 more sheets for the same price. I did buy $2 worth of the 12 x 12 scrapbook paper sheets, but since I didn’t find another paper pad I liked, it was wroth it. This particular Michaels location had a great selection of single floral scrapbook sheets so I went with those instead. Scrapbook paper has a multitude of uses from creating full boxes in my planner, making dividers/dashboards, creating pocket letters, etc. Buying the paper pads at the price point of $5 is a great way to start building your paper stash. There’s a ton of variety.

Tips for Building a Basic Craft Stash 

Top 5Clearanceshopping tips-5I’ve been accumulating items for my craft stash since I started planning back in 2015. I’ve always been crafty, but I’ve had bins here and bins there with craft items, but never a central location. I set up my office space back in 2014, but I wasn’t using it as frequently until late 2014 into 2015. I redesigned it last summer and while I’m still adding decor pieces here and there, it serves as an office and my craft space.

Living in an older house I’m fortunate to have built in shelves and a closet that has ample shelving and space to build the craft closet I desired. My planner stash is not stored with my bulkier craft items although those items crossover in various projects. As for planner stash, I store those goodies on my Ikea Raskog cart.

When it comes to building your craft stash, here’s my top 3 tips for the basics:

  1. Recycle/repurpose what you have.
  2. Always use a coupon and search for clearance.
  3. Buy what you love and know you’ll use.

I have recycled/repurposed everything from storage in my closet to items that I use in projects. I’ve turned fruit cup containers into easter baskets and yogurt cups into vases. I’ve taken a UGG shoe box and turned it into storage for my photo albums. I take cellophane bags from other packages I’ve purchased and save them for DIY shakers, pockets, and storage for other items.

I do not like to buy anything full price so I only shop when there’s a coupon. I’m talking 50%, I’d have to really like it to use a 40% off coupon. Hobby Lobby always offers one, but I wait until their Paper Studio line is on sale. When there is a hefty coupon, I spend it on something that I love.

For example, at Michaels a 50% off a regular priced item would be great on one of the Happy Planner sticker books that retail for $19.99. I would never pay full price for those stickers. $20 is a bit steep for sticker book regardless of how many stickers they include. To know I could get 2 for the price of 1, I’d rather wait. They also have sales of 30%-40% off Happy Planner items. Sometimes when there’s the 50% off a regular priced item available, the Happy Planner items will already be on sale in which case you couldn’t use the coupon. Wait around, the 50% off coupon floats around a lot. Get the maximum discount you can instead of settling.

Aside from coupons, I love shopping clearance. When I go to Hobby Lobby it’s the first place I go. I’ve score scrapbook paper, stickers, and die cuts for less than $1 for the entire purchase. Michaels also has great clearance as well. You have to definitely shop around to get full advantage. As for seasonal items, buy after the season to get the maximum discount. Stores mark items down to as low as 90%. Click here for my seasonal clearance shopping tips.

Lastly, buy what you love and know you will use! When building a stash you can be blindsided by two key points: there’s a great sale and you want to build a stash to have a stash. Sales occur pretty often so keep that in mind first and foremost. Also when building a stash, it’s nothing worse than having a bunch of stuff you’re not going to use and you end up donating it. If that’s your thing, buying to donate, great. Someone else can make use of it for sure. When building a stash, buy what you know you will use.


Want to see more of my craft stash.

Click HERE for my craft closet tour!

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