Plan With Me | Beauty and the Beast Theme 


Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Beauty and the Beast.

It’s that time of year. Yet another Disney classic has been turned into a human adaptation. This time around, it’s Beauty and the Beasy featuring Hermione Granger. I mean, Emma Watson as Belle.

I wanted to do a different type of plan with me which I’ve never done before and I was able to find Beauty and the Beast stickers at my local craft store for just $1. Since these are 3D stickers and I want to keep my planner functional I’ll be sharing not just my planner spread, but a dashboard and a paper clip DIY as well.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

DIY Paper Clip

I decided to make the paper clip first since it was just a matter of hot gluing the sticker to the paper clip with a piece of cardstock in tip. (I have an entire DIY paper clip process if you’re interested in more details.) Since the small sticker sheet had separate images of both Belle and the Beast, I decided to use the sticker of them together for the paper clip. If I really wanted to take it a step further, I could’ve made two, one of each. Since I don’t know when I’ll use this paper clip again, just one was fine. I decided to add my glittery gold paper clip from Peonies Paperie just for a little extra decoration.


Planner Spread

The basis of this spread included the sticker sheet I purchased from Ac Moore, black rose fabric tip, a manuscript kind of writing washi tape, and rose checklist stickers I had left over from a Fabulously Planned kit (circa 2015).

I decided to pull in rose stickers that I had left over from a Fabulously Planned kit that I used back in December of 2015. Th roses were gold and navy and although they were in the form of a checklist, I cut them a part to make them work for this week. I spread out the Beauty and the Beast stickers I had across the two pages and for an added touch, I wrote in the names of the characters from the movie. That ties into the journaling that I’m continuing throughout planning this year.

The washi tape and the added accents hear and there really made this spread. I didn’t go and buy an Etsy sticker kit although there were plenty of options. I found the $1 stickers, worked with what I already had, and the spread turned out just how I wanted.

Although this spread was created to correlate with the release of the movie, the Beauty and the Beast is a classic and can be done all year round. Be sure to click the links below for stickers/washi to recreate a spread similar plus to jazz up your planner with some accessories.


Planner Accessories

Ready to get your plans on paper?

Check out my Planning for 2017 series HERE!

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