DIY War Binder

What exactly is  war binder? Well, it stems from the movie War Room (2015) and in that movie the main character would post. So in essence, a war binder is a portable war room that holds your reflections on scriptures, prayers, sermons, etc. You can really make it your won.

In this war binder series, I wanted to share different alternatives to a war binder aside from the traditional 3-ring binder or traveler’s notebook. These options are affordable with minimal design, but serve the same purpose without anything really fancy. The first option features a $1 photo album I purchased at Dollar Tree. I decided to look into affordable options as I saw people in the War Binder Facebook group looking for alternatives, especially based on location.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

For this first war binder, I decided to get creative, think outside the box, and use a photo album. The key to this design was to get a flat photo album that fit around 48 pictures, double-sided (4″x 6″). The flat design is compact and easy to carry around and you can bulk it up as you wish and customize it to your liking. The photo albums from Dollar Tree have a slit on the side opposed to the Walmart options that have a slit at the top. The photo albums art Walmart did only fit 24. Let’s get to the materials used:

I’m a pretty crafty person, so my craft stash may be larger than others, but you can use just about any kind of paper for this. My version, this version in particular, is very decorative. Creating this was very therapeutic for me, but you can get even simpler with this and use regular notebook paper and tape and colorful pens/highlighters.

Books of the Bible.jpg

In building this war binder I thought of the sections that I would want which include:

  • Reference: Books of the Bible, Tithing
  • Prayer
  • Scriptures
  • Devotions

I decided to draw the Books of the Bible as I’ve seen so many people use this method to track books they’re reading. For me, it’s a more decorative/creative way to display them instead of just writing them out. I don’t have fancy handwriting either, so this works a bit better. I haven’t decided how I want to fill them in just yet, but more and likely with colored pencil and then writing in each book with a Sharpie.

For the devotional tracker, I had a journaling card that worked perfectly for this. It came with 31 lines, but I decided to trim it down and have it correspond with the devotionals for April. I’ll write in the title at the top, there’s space to check when it’s been read as well. This type of tracker could be created with basic graph paper. This is just what I had on hand.

Other sections I’ve seen people include in their war binders were:

  • Sermons
  • Family
  • Personal
  • Gratitude
  • Bible Study

I’m not sure what else I would like to add to this war binder, but I’m thinking of adding tabs and one more section at the end. For the dividers, I used prominent pieces of scrapbook paper that I had.

Getting more in depth with my process, I had a lot of fun making these Bible verse cards using the scrapbook paper, washi tape, and sticky notes. I found the scriptures on the Horacio Printing website that I use in my faith planner and I thought what better way to display my favorites. Using a stick note leaves space to add a scripture underneath the sticky note, to reuse the paper again, and swap out the scriptures.

Copy of Chaotic Critic-2.jpg

Throughout the album, there’s flip pages that I made simply by layering scrapbook paper, greet cards, and other die cuts I had on hand. How do I keep it all together? Tape. They’re really simple, but to keep this functional there had to be space to write. This flip method leaves space to write, the decorative touch, and there’s plenty of space to layer with stick notes, labels, washi tape, etc.

Why a photo album? I thought the same thing when I started creating this version of a photo album. I also thought back to my Christmas journaling that I did in December in the DIY traveler’s notebook that I created. This war binder style is similar. You could use it for a month and carry it with you and write in it when you please. As for what you would do when the month is over? You could reuse the album for the next month and use a binder ring to make an impromptu flip book of your finished pages. You can then store those in a memory box and reflect when you want.

What’s next? I’ll be sharing the finalized version of this war binder and two alternative versions along with a 2-ring photo album design and the transformation of a basic spiral notebook.

What do I use on a regular:

I’m currently using The Word for You Today. 

Check out the links below for FREE resources/inspiration to create a war binder of your own:

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