Sound Off: Dating Your Brother-In-Law?

Would you marry the brother of your husband that died? How soon is too soon to move on after his passing? Should you limit your search for love because it seems too close for comfort? Is it really disgusting to date within a family? All of these questions popped into my mind after reading on Facebook that Hallie Biden, widow of Joe Biden’s son Beau, is allegedly dating her brother-in-law, Hunter.

When I saw this on Facebook, I thought while the headline was interesting, a situation like this is not the end of the world nor is it as “odd” as people made it seem. Reading the comments on Facebook made me want to give my two cents on the latest love affair.

As women, there are a lot of times you see someone falling in love and falling hard. Maybe you’ve experienced it your self. The heart wants what it wants, right? Well let’s get into what’s known in this situation.

Hallie Biden was married to Beau Biden who unfortunately passed away from brain cancer in 2015. His brother Hunter is currently in the middle of a divorce from his wife, Kathleen, who filed in December of last year. As for the other rumors, let’s stick to the surface of the issue, Hallie dating him. She’s dating her brother-in-law. She and Beau never got divorced, her last name is still Biden, she’ll forever be a part of the family.

What I don’t like is that the media is taking this to another level by referring to her as Beau’s ex-wife. She’s not his ex-wife. An ex-wife means there was clear documented separation. It was a choice by both parties. A WIDOW is NOT an EX-WIFE. Two separate things.

If I were in a situation like that, I pray that I never am, would I even think of dating my husband’s brother? Who knows? Clearly I can’t predict the future, but at this point in time, probably not. As for Hallie and Hunter, they could’ve connected based on grief. Each had a special relationship with Beau. One was his wife and the other his little brother. Then there’s the thought running through my mind, just how close were these two? Did they have a connection when Beau was alive? I’m not talking friendship either. Just when did this next level chemistry begin?

I could go on and on with questions, but I’m honestly shocked at some of the reactions I read on Facebook. Some people were saying it’s disgusting like they’re committing incest or something. Maybe for some it’s just a little two close to comfort. I read a great analogy in the comments about this story, well scandal, sounding like an old western. The husband is dying, he asks his brother to watch over his family, and the brother ends up marrying his widow. It’s happened.

Do I find this disgusting? No. Do I find it odd? Maybe a little, but it’s really being blown out of proportion in my opinion. I mean the media clearly has nothing else better to do since Trump doesn’t want them in his face reporting on his alternative facts. I also wonder, were they waiting to announce their feelings for each other until after Joe Biden was no longer Vice President? A scandal like this would have only added fuel to the fire for the hatred towards the Obama administration. Which goes back to my only question on this situation, just how long were these two into each other?

With children being involved maybe they should pump the breaks on this one. Granted Hunter’s children are older, but still, children are involved. Thanksgiving could be real awkward at the Biden house. Your uncle is now your step-dad? That’s further down the line, but with dating, it is a possibility. Major side eye. Putting the children aside, were Hallie and Kathleen friends? I mean not all sister-in-law’s are friends, but if these two were, just how close were they? Hunter and Hallie are in the middle of a divorce and his she is pulling out dirt, but this situation is just all around messy.

As for how Joe Biden feels about this. Apparently he and his wife have no problem with their “newly” found love. Clearly they’ve found love in a hopeless place, pun intended.

Would you, could you do it? 

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