Decorate Your Planner | March 2017

Welcome to another post here on the blog. In this post I’ll be sharing how I decorated the monthly and notes page in my Happy Planner. It’s never too late to start planning. Some people may thing, why a planner when everything is digital? For me, there’s nothing like a pen and paper and decorative planning has become very therapeutic for me. For my monthly and notes pages I have design them to correlate with the holiday/season. This time around, it’s a lot of green for St. Patrick’s Day. Am I Irish? No. I can still have my planner correlate, right?

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

My Happy Planner this year has a dual purpose of providing function and keeping me on track as well as serving as a scrapbook. I use the monthly pages to track important personal events plus some other randoms along the way. For example in February, I marked the Super Bowl (of course because I’m a football fanatic), award shows, Viola Davis winning Best Supporting Actress, plus when I filed my taxes/received my refund. It’s a mix of personal and what sparks my interest all rolled into one that I can look at in one central location.


Previously my monthly pages would consist of tracking my bills, but as time went on, I realized that I wouldn’t look back at it. Now that I’m filling in nearly every box with highlights on that day or with stickers, I find myself looking at the page even more. My theme for this month, as noted above, was green for St. Patrick’s Day. I had some stickers left over from last year that were perfect to use especially since I wouldn’t be having a St. Patrick’s themed weekly spread.

So far for this month I filled in the WWE pay-per-view of the month. Yes, I still watch wrestling. I also marked in 2 movies I’m interested in, Logan and Beauty and the Beast. I also marked Ash Wednesday, Read Across America (since I used to work at a Daycare #memories), and the beginning of NCAA March Madness for giggles. The half boxes that I used were from Sticky Essentials that I purchased last year. Perfect place for them. I haven’t use half boxes in January of February, simply because I didn’t have any, but larger stickers filled the gaps in those months.



When I initially started decorating the notes pages of my planner, I was using them to track my memories of the month. Now that my planner style has changed, it sounds a lot like I put all that information in my monthly calendar. In a way, yes, but my notes page is still pretty special. Back in February, I used majority of the page to highlight my anniversary while the other part had birthdays and my songs of the month. Pretty simple how I decorate this page. It’s one thing about my planner style that hasn’t changed.

I love putting in movie tickets of any movies I may see. This month, Beauty and the Beast will definitely be added. I like to add birthdays here as well and MAJOR events. Along the way I’ll move stickers around here and there if need be, but that’s the basic of what the notes page looks like for March.

So what is the gist of my planner style?

  • Notes/monthly pages: Important events/ snapshot of the month
  • Weekly pages: function – all of my plans for the week (with my stickers of course)

I’ve found planner peace in my Happy Planner and I honestly do not need more than one, especially since in my 2017 planner set-up I shared all the planners I’d be using. Well, let’s save that update for another post.

To keep up to date with how my planner evolves, be sure to follow me on Instagram @ChaoticCritic. Below are links to stickers/washi used to recreate  a similar spread of your own.

Ready to get your plans on paper?

Check out my Planning for 2017 series HERE!

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