Collective Clearance Haul + Shopping Tips

Welcome to another post here on the blog. I love finding great deals and this time of year is the PERFECT time to shop around as seasons are changing. Just about every store has some type of sale, deal, clearance, however you want to phrase it. I was able to score some pieces from Kohls and Forever 21 that I can wear now and even into the Spring. Of course, you can put my clearance shopping tips to use!

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

top-5clearanceshopping-tips-9I’m pretty content with what I have in my closet and I’m constantly purging only keeping pieces that I love. I haven’t done any shopping since I went on vacation in the Summer simply because I haven’t really wanted anything. plus, I had clothes that I hadn’t even worn that I needed to put us

With this mini shopping trip I wanted to get a few pictures few pieces that I could incorporate in my work wardrobe since it’s a casual environment, but still wear them out on the weekends and what not. I bought 3 pairs of jeans, 3 tops, and a Steelers outfit (love my squad) all for under $100. Not too shabby. Let’s get into the price breakdown.



I used to hate Kohls. I could never find anything in there to match my style, but times have changed and it’s one of my favorites. I highly recommend their workout gear which I have quite a bit of. They carry celeb brands from Vera Wang and Jennifer Lopez to Lauren Conrad. I always head straight to the clearance rack where theres pieces 60-80% off. Plus you can stack a coupon on top of that, and if you’re lucky, use Kohls cash.

Kohls Cash: for every $50 you spend you get $10 back. 

Here’s what I purchased:

I can easily mix and match these pieces with what I already have and dress them up or down. I usually don’t try things on in fitting rooms because the stores can be crowded, but since it wasn’t this time around, I tried on every piece before buying.

If you have the time, try before you buy. It will look different on you than a hanger. If you don’t love it, back to the rack it goes. 

Forever 21

forever 21.png

I purchased one time full price at Forever 21. I didn’t see any day to day clothes that I’d want to add to my wardrobe regardless of the 65% clearance tag. I don’t typically shop at Forever 21 anymore, but the shirt dress I did purchase is a gorgeous color that looks great on my skin tone and I can wear it to work and any other time. It’s one of those pieces that would transition perfectly from day to night. For $15.90, it definitely didn’t break the bank and I’ll be able to wear it more than once for sure.

As for what I did score on clearance, all NFL gear was an additional 65% off and I found Steelers fleece sweatpants as soon as I walked in the door. Then in the mens section, since they always have a better variety, I found a a super cute baseball type tee that I’ll be jazzing up before the season. These items do have the NFL tag on them and if you’re looking for merch from your favorite team, wait until after the season to score the deals. A lot of stores, not just Forever 21, are incorporating NFL teams into their lineup.

Price breakdown:

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