Faith Planner | Update #1

Welcome to another post here on the blog. I’ve been lacking in content because I caught some type of virus, but I’m back and I wanted to share an update on my faith planner. Some may have a war binder which contains scriptures, prayers, devotionals, etc. We’ll get more into details on that. The planner that I am using is the 2017 Horacio Printing Classic Planner which I reviewed in my Planning for 2017 series. In this planner update I’ll be sharing how I set up the weekly pages. Future updates will include cheap alternatives to create a faith planner / war binder of your own.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

When I initially shared my faith planner set up I really had no idea how I wanted to set up my faith planner. I never used one before. Prior to making the decision to use one, I was using a journal where I would take notes from the devotional(s) that I was using and then write a prayer after it. Really simple and easy.

The reason why I decided to create a journal was to really track my worship in 2017 and in doing so I’m not only holding myself accoutnable to stay on track daily, but it’s something that I can look back at for years to come. I’m a part of a War Binder Facebook group and a lot of the sections that they added in their binders include prayers, scriptures, and sermons, to name a few. The same approach is taken when using a traveler’s style notebook with each notebook serving a purpose.

I’m still working on my faith planner and I can’t wait to add to it now that I have a sense of direction on what I would want to add to it. As noted above, I am using the 2017 Horacio Printing Classic Planner so I do fill both the monthly and weekly pages. For the monthly page I decided to use the Bible that I had, The Everyday Bible and use the resources in the table of contents which had the entire year separated with targeted sections. For instance, for February I used Prayer and for each day I wrote the scripture, plus the particular part that spoke to me.

It may seem difficult to think of using a planner to write down your connection to the Bible. You can easily use any kind of notebook if writing down your thoughts and prayers is the route you want to take. I love having a faith planner simply because of the accountability. One of the issues that I’ve always had with sticking to my daily devotions was doing just that, worshiping daily.


For the weekly pages I broke down the vertical style of the planner to work for me. For the ‘to do list’ section, I usually cover the tittle with washi tape as well as for ‘weekly intentions’ as well. In that section I write in For each of the days, this planner in particular has two sections, one of which is shaded. Above each date I write in the topic and scripture for that daily devotional. Underneath I write the scriptures that speak to me, similar to my monthly spread then in the shaded section I write in my reaction/feelings to it. That spot in particular is great to tie the scripture back to my personal life.

This is still a work in progress and there will be plenty of updates to come, but right now, it’s been working. Check out the links below + additional links you may be interested in checking out.

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2 thoughts on “Faith Planner | Update #1

  1. My Dearest. You are really great. I wish you the best. May 2018 be the best year ever for you and to your followers. I love coupontoprovide and I love AtHomeWithQuita. You three and Prepsteaders are my favorites of all the videos I have seen so far. May God bless you and keep you. Thank you. Jeni

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