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Welcome to another new series here on my blog, Crush the Chaos. This series will feature me going through my home and other areas of my life, organizing and implementing systems that I can keep up with. Plus, I’ll share my top tips along the way.

One of the key problems you may come across when you declutter is that you don’t know where to start, you get too overwhelmed, or you can’t get rid of certain items because of some sentimental value. Then when it comes to organizing, it’s a whole other ballgame. Sometimes we over organize and think that a container solves everything, but that’s not the case.

This first is my desk declutter. As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I purchased my desk from Walmart 4 years ago. I wasn’t sure what kind of desk I wanted to buy at the time and in cleaning and taking the time to declutter this time around, I did not want to buy another one.

The whole purpose of me taking time to declutter is to work with what I have and get rid of what I’m not using. That’s throwing the trash in the trash and donating what I can. 

83669fa5-1107-4f74-bc9c-7ff94e0f037d_1-a8789ec0dd8b31da7e3c86b3027aa26dThis desk in particular is not a complete flat surface. It does have a lift to one side where I put my laptop or my iPad; typically my iPad. The desk was a complete mess when I started to declutter It was just too much on top. Granted, I have a separate table that I use for crafting so that I don’t mess up the desk anymore than it already is, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. There is a small draw in addition to two adjustable shelves.

I previously had a cup of pens and the desk organizer. I decided to take out the cup and corral everything into the spinning organizer. I made sure all pens were working and for those that I could store away in my craft closet, I did. I kept the essentials that I know I would use. After working with this system, I’ll be going through again and keeping the bare minimum.


Decor on top of your desk isn’t a bad thing, but don’t go overboard. I have my ink cartridges in this recycle container I found at Dollar Tree. I also had a Steelers popcorn can that I’m using for storage of my journals. Lastly I have a wristband, just because, and tape. I use tape in just about every project so it’s essential. Use your decor as hidden storage. 

The empty space that I have allows me to keep have  a central location for my laptop. One of my goals for 2017 was to work in my office and not in my bed. I didn’t feel like working at my desk because it was always a mess. This clear space gives my essentials a home and my laptop a permanent spot.

My draw was a catch all. I took out what I could, but it’s still pretty full. I have some typical desk items such as tape, staples, rubber bands, and batteries. Memory cards for my camera then personal items such as lotion, chapstick and hand sanitizer. I also have a bag with ibuprofen and Benadryl. Everything else in my desk are items that I have there because I know they’re there.


Getting to the storage side of the desk, as noted, I have a drawer and two adjustable shelves. I previously had journals on the shelves with all other items stored vertically. I swapped those out and decluttered what I could and then kept my tech stuff within easy reach.  I have a tub of cords which I’ll need to further declutter and the top on was all of my camera equipment.

The dry erase bins are from Dollar Tree. For $2 I created a hidden storage system since these shelves are deep I was able to maximize by corralling what I could into the bins and having bulkier items behind. On the top shelf there’s my Canon camera bag and on the bottom there’s my HP computer. I also maximize the space on the side of the containers for my iPad.

top-5clearanceshopping-tips-4When it comes to my top 3 tips for keeping your desk organized and functional.

  1. Regular Cleaning & Maintenance  | I say regular instead of daily simply because not everyone cleans their desk daily. Regular cleaning & maintenance just keeps everything in order so that you have a workspace to work at. Having a messy, dirty desk prevents you from getting anything done. Once a week just take the time to clear everything off, dust, and you’re done. Also a trash can close by helps to eliminate any loose papers and wrappers (for all my candy lovers) that accumulate.
  2. Use your decor as storage. | When buying decor for any area in your home, think, in what other ways can I use it. Use your storage to your advantage. If you’re want to see what you have, try using acrylic containers. If you have deeper areas store bulkier items behind your decorative ones.
  3. Remember “function” not “picture perfect”. | For all those that love the Pinterest/Instagram desks, don’t get blindsided by that. Keep in mind the function of your desk. It’s easy to go out and buy all that you need to recreate a picture perfect desk. While it’s great to draw inspiration, your desk needs to be function. YOU need to function at your desk. Let those images serve as an inspiration, not take over the purpose of having a desk.

To purchase items I used for my desk organization, click the links below:

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