Yes, I am that person that had to run to my blog to share my excitement of Beyoncé being pregnant with not ONE, but TWO babies! QUEEN BEY IS HAVING TWINS! Now, if you’re not a loyal member of the Bey Hive than something like this would just be, “oh, another celebrity pregnancy.” BUT THIS IS BEYONCÉ!

I was spending Saturday with my sister and we were having a convo about the Super Bowl this Sunday with Lady Gaga performing at halftime. We were both in agreeance that Lady Gaga is going to put on a hell of a show and we started talking about past Super Bowl performances. In recent years, how can we NOT mention Beyoncé. I mean she killed the show back in 2013 when she headlined and last year she popped up with Coldplay and Bruno Mars. Now, I wouldn’t expect her to perform ‘Telephone’ with Lady Gaga. I mean, she was just there. Also, I don’t think Gaga would want to share one of the biggest moments of her career.  Anywho, my sister goes, “they’re” saying she’s pregnant. My response was simple, “they’ve” (meaning endless tabloids) have been saying Beyoncé was pregnant since she dropped Blue.
Beyoncé is pretty low key on social media to begin with. I mean, her life has always been private. Yet, she hadn’t posted since she gave her “farewell” to the Obamas and before then while she was consistent for about a week, her posts before were pretty sparse.

So here I am, February 1st, scrolling through Instagram per usual when I come across Beyoncé’s post. I didn’t even read the caption, I was just like “Oh shit, she’s pregnant!” SHE’S PREGNANT! 


Now when it comes to surprises, Beyoncé is definitely the QUEEN! She’s no stranger to dropping bombs on her fans and all the other so called non Bey Hive members. I mean, she dropped her self-titled album with no warning. She dropped her Formation video this time last year, popped up at the Super Bowl Halftime show, and then announced a WORLD TOUR!

Here she is a year later dropping the ANNOUNCEMENT OF ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS, she’s pregnant with TWINS! This is a big deal people. For someone as secretive as Beyoncé, this is a HUGE deal. I mean the tabloids eat this stuff up and for all the people that say they could care less, YOU’RE EATING IT UP TOO!

For all those that read deeper into celebrity photos (like myself) then you could guess, well assume, from the floral background that MAYBE she’s having the babies sometime in the Spring. It’s also to note that since Beyoncé is so calculating that who knows when this picture was taken and who knows exact how far along she really is.

Another thing, could it be two boys? Two girls? One of each? What will their names be? Blue Ivy is a unique name and I can only imagine the what they’ll come up with for the two that are on the way. 

Regardless of what she’s having, what a WAY to ANNOUNCE your pregnancy. This is a different approach compared to her  announcement of her pregnancy with Blue as she showed up on the 2011 VMAs red carpet glowing. She then performed ‘Love on Top’, dropped the mic at the end, and BOOM! Say hello to the belly.

Cheers to a healthy pregnancy, healthy babies, and a healthy family. Cheers to the Carters!

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