Plan With Me | Super Bowl Week


Cheers to another football themed plan with me and my last football anything until the fall. Although my team is not in the Super Bowl (forever #SteelerNation), I couldn’t resist creating a themed spread for the week. I’ve created 5 in the past so it was challenging to create another one completely different from my previous ones. Not too shabby for my 6th time.

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I decided to cover up my sidebar which I don’t typically do. I had this black & white striped scrapbook paper which instantly reminded me of a referee. It filled the whole space perfectly. I decided to tape it and then glue it. Taping it made it easier for me to adjust and move around.

Planner Tip: When using scrapbook paper, try to keep it as thin as possible. Also use repositionable glue if you want to move it around. In using tape and trying to reposition the paper, it does curl a bit. 

I wasn’t sure what else I wanted to do with my sidebar so I just layered some of the football saying stickers I had. After sprucing it up it turned out alright. If I had a referee or a whistle sticker that would’ve filled the space great. I ran into the problem of my sitckers blending, but I pulled in some brighter stickers which helped to balance things out.

After that I put down the larger stickers that I had which were ‘Touchdown’ letters & ‘The Big Game’ which was a long adhesive border that I cut. After laying down those stickers it looked like more of two different spreads merged into one week. To balance things out I pulled in green & white striped washi.


I was thinking of using full boxes from scrapbook paper that I had, but I really enjoy white space planning so I opted to use washi to break up certain spaces. I don’t have a lot going on this week so using larger stickers really helped to fill up the space. I used some Happy Planner Stickers that I had for headers and placed them sporadically throughout the week. Some days I don’t even make to do lists, but I do for the days that I’m off and the weekend.

My Happy Planner is definitely turning more “scrapbooky” which I don’t mind. I want to be able to keep these and look back at them. Not saying that I’ll keep them forever, but to look back at them to see how my life and planning style has changed since I’ve been planning in a Happy Planner for about 2 years, is nice to reflect. I did add some paper clips at the top, which I don’t usually do, but I love how they tie everything together.

Planner Tip: Be careful when adding paper clips. The heavier they are they may rip the page and their may be a stain left at the top.

This spread was definitely more “scrapbook” like and I did try something different. I’ll really be able to assess just how much I like the spread once the week is completely over and everything is filled in. I’m not sure how it’ll turned out, but this is definitely a football spread I’ve never done before.

Football themed stickers/washi & more below:

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