Chaotic Visions | Horacio Printing

Welcome to a new series here on my blog titled Chaotic Visions where I’ll be showcasing amazing female entrepreneurs, their brands, and their roads to success.

In this first edition I’ll be sharing the woman behind the amazing brand Horacio Printing, Polly Payne-Willoughby. She spends her days juggling writing, editing, photography, emails, shipments, and meetings. In her downtime, she loves to watch SNL and listen to anything Motown plus classics such as: Nat King Cole, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Jackie Wilson, and Otis Redding.


What is Horacio Printing?

What began in New York City two years ago as a Christian planner has branched out to planner kits, journals, posters, washi tape, and notepads. The core product is their Classic Planner.


Their mission is to help people unleash their inner artist and connect with their God given purpose. 10% of each planner is donated to which helps fight global human trafficking.

Why a Christian planner?

Polly knew that this was a God thing. She wanted to create a planner that matched the style and heart of her church, Hillsong NYC.

I want people to be reminded of His love daily.

Some may think that the Horacio Printing planners are just another planner. Planners come a dime a dozen with many variations readily available. For all the planner lovers out there, even planner newbies, you’ve probably seen the Erin Condren Life Planner or the Happy Planner in heavy rotation all over Instagram and Facebook.

One of my favorite features of the Horacio Printing classic planner was that each week was infused with scriptures. You have a blank canvas to map out your week with inspiration and love in the form of a scripture at the top of each week to get you started. If you’re looking for weekly motivation a product like this is ideal. Aside from scriptures throughout the entire planner, the signature of the Horacio Printing planner is minimalism.

I strongly believe that when starting a brand of any sort, there’s something that moves you to do so. It could be a void you fill missing or just a crazy idea you have in mind. Polly created Horacio Printing after reading “The Artisan Soul” by Erwin McManus.

I was itching to start my own business for a few years and I finally took the leap after reading Erwin McManus’s book “The Artisan Soul.” Erwin’s thesis is we are created in God’s image and therefore we are artists, we are creative. He explained that our most important work of art was our life. I had so many dreams and I knew I needed to redesign my life to accomplish them. I started to create a life planner. I made it personal and filled with inspiration and dream planning.

Her definition of success?

Freedom. Freedom means a lot of different things to different people. Freedom is not lazy. True freedom is created by discipline and disciple creates boundaries. Many times these boundaries. Many times these boundaries are earthy. So I have defined the freedom I want in my life and then I have to balance it with discipline.


Polly’s top 3 tips for a budding entrepreneur:

  1. Plan each day the day before. 
  2. Never stop learning. 
  3. Find your why. 

Polly uses a daily designer notepad and with a schedule like hers she tends to overbook herself. She insists that you intentionally plan your priorities for the next day by including time for rest, peace, and a time to for you to be creative. I mean, who doesn’t need ME time.

One of the best lessons Polly learned was to have a “thinking time” journal where you write down good questions you need to ask yourself then take a hour a week to sit in silence and answer those questions.

My favorite tip, the need to find your why. The “something” that gets your heart pumped.

My mission is so much deeper than printing books to help people remember to buy milk and cereal.

Best advice she’s received? 

There is no failure, only outcomes!

Polly provided so many amazing gems that will help and inspire any entrepreneur, but along the way comes the doubts of what if it doesn’t work and sacrifices that she’s had to make.

Security. It’s not one leap of faith, but a constant leap. I had to cut back my lifestyle in a few ways to save money, but it has all been 100% worth it.

Horacio Printing in 10 Years?

In the hands of many. I see us branding out to serve many different niches with married couples, men, students, moms, teachers, and pastors. I want to create more products that get people addicted to God’s word and to loving each other. I also really want to have my products in every Cracker Barrel in America. That one is strange, but close to my heart.

As for right now? Polly would love to donate $10,000 to this year. Plus, I can’t wait to see her version of a “man” planner. Cheers to getting Horacio Printing into Cracker Barrell and beyond!

Want to purchase a Horacio Printing planner?

Click HERE!




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