DIY Paper Clips

Welcome to another post here on the blog. For new readers, hi my name is Lakia and I have a planner obsession. I love creating and with planning I have found another creative outlet. My latest obsession is making paper clips. I never realized how easy they were to create with items I already had in my craft stash. Now there are plenty on Etsy from Golden Girls to Harry Potter, but these are basic and take no time at all. In this post I share my process to making them, items used, and shops to check out if you’re interested in a more detailed/themed designs.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I have bursts of DIY moments where I will pull out all the stops, meaning all my supplies, and create something. I’ll spend hours working on a project and this week I made paper clips. My grandmother found a great back of jumbo and mini paper clips at Amazing Savings for $1 (AMAZING deal) and I thought, why not make my own and see how they come out.

Items I used:

  • Hot glue gun (glue sticks can be purchased at Dollar Tree)
  • Large STURDY paper clips
  • Packaging Tape* (*optional – buy from Dollar Tree)
  • Chipboard
  • Dome Stickers
  • 3d Scrapbook stickers
  • Thin cardboard / thicker card stock for backing

The items that I used, as noted, were already in my craft stash.

Chipboard /3D Scrapbook Stickers Paper Clips:

I never worked with chipboard before and it was just sitting in my craft closet. To make the  clip I chose the piece of chipboard, cut a piece of the cardboard I had leftover for the backing and sealed the paperclip between the two with hot glue. The hot glue dries pretty fast so you have to move fast with this process.

Tip: Use the paperclip as a handle when using the hot glue to avoid burnining yourself and for further stability. You can then add the backing with no problem and move the clip if you need to reposition. 

For the 3D stickers, the process was pretty much the same. If there is the foam backing on the back of the sticker then use tweezers of a stickers to remove it so you have a flat surface to work with. The 3D stickers I was using were flat on the back already so it was easier for the paperclip to stick initially and I followed the same process with the chipboard and the backing.

Packaging tape is optional and I just used it to cover the chipboard and 3D stickers. The stickers that I used the packaging tape on were simple, either square or circular, without intricate details to cut. I don’t have a laminator and if you’re looking to make them more durable, then packaging tape is a quick  & easy fix.


Dome Stickers Paper Clip: 

I loved making the dome sticker paper clips the best. Not for some of the dome stickers I used that same cardboard/card stock backing. I will say when adding the glue that the dome sticker got hot fast, so be careful when applying the hot glue.

I had smaller circular dome stickers and since they were the same size, I glued them together and voila. I had steelers bottle came stickers I purchased on Etsy a couple years ago and while they’re too bulky to use in my planner, they were perfect for this project.

Below are some Etsy shops to check out with more detailed designs:

Ready to start planning?

Check out my Planning for 2017 HERE. 

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