Dollar Planning + January Recap

And just like that, January has come and gone. I wanted to share some tips, as I usually do, for my new planners out there. Planning does not need to be expensive and you can still create gorgeous planner spreads for just $1. That’s right, $1. Be sure to check out my entire Planning for Beginners series here. I also wanted to share my January recap of all my planner spreads for the month from my favorite to least favorite plus what worked and what didn’t work.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.


January Recap


For my January monthly spread, click here. I created my notes page near the end of the month and I think that I’ll stick to that going forward. I use my notes page to track birthdays, events (such as the Steelers ‘almost doesn’t count’ playoff run), favorite songs, and movies I’ve seen. I used left over MAMBI paper pad paper to cover the ‘This Month Currently’ section. I added in quotes to fill in space elsewhere. I pulled in some of my favorite Hobby Lobby Stickers to write in the birthdays of the month, the Steelers playoff schedule, a movie, and my song of the month.

Planner Tip: Use the perpetual calendar at the top to track pay days, birthdays, the ‘time of the month,’ or dates to remember. 


I absolutely love how my January spreads turned out. When flipping through my 2016 Happy Planner, January turned out being my least favorite month. It really comes down to learning your planning style and learning what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Planner Tip: THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY TO PLAN! Everyone plans different. 

I like to draw inspiration from other planners whether it’s from their YouTube videos or Instagram pages. I know that I am a “white space” planner and that took me some time to realize. I have tried to use full kits and create “no white space spreads” (completely covering the pages), but it just wasn’t my style. While my pages may look cluttered to some, it works for me.

As for my favorite spread of January? I’ll have to go with the week of December 26th – January 1st. That spread really got me back into the groove of planning because I had felt uninspired in December. I also realized that taking my time works best of me and letting my spread create itself instead.

Dollar Planning

Planner Tip: Think outside the box when planning. Try using wrapping paper, scrapbook paper  3D stickers. Just because it may look “too large” for a planner, doesn’t mean you can’t make it work. 

Sometimes when planning as a beginner, decorative planning to be exact,  you may be unsure where to start when it comes to stickers. I mean, there’s Etsy. Etsy sticker kits can get pricey. There’s also printables. Then there’s the multitude of stickers that you can get from Michaels. Me & My Big Ideas (MAMBI) has released amazing Happy Planner value sticker packs. Then there’s the $1 stickers. Whether it’s the $1 sticker books from Michaels or the $1 stickers from Dollar Tree, when you start building your stash, it doesn’t have to be expensive. 


To create my spread this week, I used Dollar Tree scrapbook stickers. Now there’s larger scrapbook stickers and there’s the 3D ones. I used the regular scrapbook stickers that come in a pack of 2 for $1. The themes are great for beginners and planners in general.

Planner Tip: If you want to use 3D stickers in your planner, cut off the thick adhesive on the back, and voila. 

Stickers/washi used in January:

Ready to start planning?

Check out my Planning for 2017 HERE

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