Motivational Monday | Take a Step Back 

Welcome to my first Motivational  Monday of 2017. I’m excited for what’s to come and I pray you all have a blessed and prosperous new  year. I haven’t written a Motivational Monday this year simply because I haven’t been inspired to do so. I write these because I hope that someone reading will fill the passion behind my message. I can’t just write these, just to write them. I have to feel it.

It’s January. You know, the time where people make their resolutions. Everyone is super nice and they still say Happy New Year. You write the wrong date for the first few weeks. In my case, I’m looking for a permanent job position. In the midst of looking for this, my surroundings turn into a mess. It’s really hard to function when everything around you is in a disarray.

A couple weeks ago, I was sitting in my office thinking of all the posts I could create for the remainder of January and for 2017 in general. I then looked around my office to see how much mess was surrounding me. My office is where I do my planning. So there were papers, plastic bags, And Christmas stuff I hadn’t put away. A lot of the times my bedroom and my office reflect how I feel, a hot mess.

I kept pushing off cleaning it because I honestly didn’t feel like it. That went on for about a week then another week rolled in and nothing had changed. I decided to get off my ass and start cleaning up and while I had avoided it because I thought it would take forever, it took no time at all.

The same thing happened as I had clothes all over my bedroom from rushing to get ready in the morning. How can you be at peace in your home when everything is in a disarray? Now this doesn’t mean I’m expecting a perfect home. That’s not going to happen. A perfect home is not really a home as you haven’t lived in t to give it the chaotic character that it needs.

I look back at how I’m just now officially putting away all of my Christmas  stuff. Again I thought it would take forever, but in straightening up my living room and dining room it took all of 20 minutes.

Now don’t get adjusting confused with settling. Adjusting is just changing the way you doing things. Settling is allowing it to continue. For instance, I could’ve left my office a mess since I would end up messing it up again anyway. I adjusted by straightening it up and finding a more efficient way to get products done to avoid having to clean up a huge mess again.

I say all this to remind you to just pause and take a step back. When something isn’t going your way or you dislike something, pause. Look around and see what you can adjust to make it easier. The key word is easier, to make it functional. Don’t keep looking for perfection. Stop trying to find everything wrong with your situation. Take a step back and breathe. Once you start adjusting, everything will fall into place.

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