2017 Vision Board

I love writing down my goals. It’s something about putting them on paper that lights a fire under me to get things done. For me it comes down to holding myself accountable when things are written down opposed to them getting lost in my head. I wanted to share my vision board of 2017. Although January is nearly over, it’s never too late to start a vision board.

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Why a Vision Board?

I’ve always made collages and put them on my walls when I was younger whether it was of my favorite artists or just stuff I liked in a magazine. A vision board brings your goals to life. The vision is actually there instead of being a dream in your head. Writing something down instantly turns dreams into goals. You’re working towards accomplishing what you envision.

Materials to use?

  • poster board
  • tape (glue can wrinkle your images)
  • magazine

When it comes to making a vision board it can be as big or as small as you want. I always made vision boards when I was younger by just taping pictures onto the wall. Now I love the look of my vision board in a frame and while it’s what I want to accomplish throughout the year, it serves as decor as well.

Collage or no collage?

When starting with a vision board, think about exactly what it is that you want to work towards. Are you focused on a certain part of the year?

As for the collage, that’s personal preference. You may want to fill up your entire space with words

Does it work?

I realized that my vision board began to work when I was working on my visions. It’s easy to make a collage, but through the year there should be changes made as you adjust and evolve. 
Word of the year?

I’ve never gone out of my way to choose a word of the year. I see a lot of people deciding on their “word” for the new year around December even early January. When I made my first vision board in a while back in June of 2016, I put “Focused” in the corner. I wasn’t even thinking of it as my “word.” I consciously decided to choose a word for this year and oddly enough it was “Focus.” I first chose “Freedom” as I wanted financial freedom in 2017, but “Focus” is ideal because I want to stick to what I have set out to do. My concentration has been horrible and the more I see the areas I want to work on, the more focused  I will be to adjust when need be and accomplish.

Now that I think about it, “Consistency” could’ve been my word, but with focus comes consistency so it all balances out.

My goals for 2017?

I decided to focus on 5 areas. I didn’t go out of my way to pick 5, I just wrote down what it was that I wanted to focus on the entire year.

  • Worship
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Reading
  • Chaotic Critic

Worship will never be removed from my vision board and it’s the center of everything for me. I want to continuously work on building my relationship with God in addition to daily devotions and tithing. Tithing is so important to me and I’ve never been consistent at it.

When it comes to my finances, I just don’t want to be in debt anymore. I still want that FINANCIAL FREEDOM! When it comes to financial freedom, I have to be realistic. I know that completely paying off my student loans is not going to happen in 2017. What I can pay off are credit cards, nearly finish paying off my car, and just be up to date (if not ahead) with my bills. Thats Financial Freedom for me in 2017.

Financial Freedom for me comes from my new career path. I obtained my MBA in Marketing in August and I’m in a spot to really take my career to the next level. I have been prayerful to land a full-time position, with benefits, by the end of February. When the pieces start coming together it’s such a great feeling. I’ve been struggling to pay bills since I’ve graduated in 2013. Here I am nearly 4 years later and I feel a breakthrough coming.

I was never a fan of audiobooks, but I have been listening to some during my workday. I’m on a  computer researching a lot of the day and instead of listening to the same songs over and over, I decided to check out Audible again. So far I’ve listened to Angie Martinez’s, My Life: A Memoir, plus Taraji P. Henson’s, Around the Way Girl. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on those books in upcoming editions of my Chaotic Reads series. I do plan on reading some books that have been sitting on my bookshelf that I’ve been meaning to read, but to get back in the glove of things, Audible works right now.

Lastly, I want to continue to expand Chaotic Critic. 2016 was such a successful year and this year I want to really commit to a blogging schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and continue to make connections. I had a MAJOR giveaway last year, #ChaoticXmasGiveaway, and I can’t wait to have another. I love creating and sharing content and I can’t wait to evolve in 2017.

How did I make my vision board? 

I used an old frame that I had in addition to a Me & My Big Ideas paper pad I had on hand. I also pulled out my Heidi Swapp metallic tape. I love how I revamped my vision board in June of last year so I wanted to keep a similar theme. I love anything floral and striped so that was the design I went with. I cut the hexagons myself and layered leftover scraps of paper I had on top. The vision board is very similar to my May Designs notebook that I’m using for my blog notes.

I initially had 6 sections i wanted to focus on, but I decided to put Worship in the center and an area in each corner. Since I’m all for positive vibes, I created arrows out of the Heidi Swapp tape and voila. Really simple approach. You can Google & YouTube tons of vision board designs, but this is what works for me.

Items used:

Do I update my vision board?

As noted, there are aspects of my vision board that will remain throughout the entire year, especially worship and  Finances. As I get into my full-time career I will be able to check that off my list because I accomplished that goal. Reading will probably be replaced with something else as well, but that’ll take time. Chaotic Critic may stay it may not, or I’ll swap it with something specific for my blog that I want to accomplish.

I know for sure that I’ll be updating it in June, but I think this year I’ll reflect on a quarterly basis.

Want to see what other vision boards I’ve created?

Check out my 2016 vision boards HERE

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