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Welcome to another Plan With Me here on the blog. This is a special one because it’s featuring a full Etsy kit. I won a giveaway on Instagram from the Etsy shop JuJuAllOver and the mini kit I chose was titled Snow Queen. I didn’t want to wait to use the kit so I picked one that fit with the season. Her customer service is amazing and while I wasn’t sure about this kit once I started planning, I love how it turned out.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I am a “white space” planner.

Planner 101:

  • “White space planner” – You like to have empty space on your pages. In other words, you don’t mind seeing the actual page.
  • “No-white space planner” – The entire weekly spread is covered top to bottom with full boxes, washi, half boxes, date covers (optional). Instead of writing on the page you’ll layer a sticker on top of a full box / half box / quarter box (a sticker) and write.

I was very happy to win the giveaway and being able to choose a mini kit was perfect. What’s the difference between a mini kit and a deluxe kit?

  • Mini Kit: Depending on the Etsy shop, these kits feature the basics: a sheet of full boxes, washi sheet, and 2 functional sheets (one with headers/half boxes, one with icons/quarter boxes/trackers/weekend banner)
  • Deluxe Kit: You’ll get all that’s in the mini kits offered by that shop, but extras include a sheet of little things and date cover-ups.

NOTE: Mini kits & deluxe kits vary by shop!

I love Etsy shops that sell their kit items separately so you can build your own and pick what you want and what you know you’ll use.


If you don’t want to commit to a mini kit and want to try more of a variety, try purchasing personal size planner kits. This is if you’re into “white space” planning. This kit was very blue. I was thinking of pulling in other colors, but I really wanted to use up as much of the kit as I could. Some stickers, such as headers/icons, are okay to leave for another spread. When it comes to themed spreads, I try to use as much as the themed items that I can.

I also like to spread out my full boxes. It’s also works better for me to do this since I’m using stickers that are made for an Erin Condren and not the Happy Planner. The stickers work, yes, but if you are using a Happy Planner and want no white space, search on Etsy for weekly kits made specifically for the Happy Planner.

One key tip to planning for me is to take my time. I like to let my week build instead of trying to plan everything out at once. Plans change. I like to lay down a foundation or what I like to call the skeleton. I write what I know is happening and leave space in between to fill in the gaps throughout the week. I have actually been planning backwards, starting with the weekend, since I know what I’ll be doing then opposed to throughout the week. I’ve struggled before writing in everything and then going and moving stickers around. While I still move stickers around, I prefer to leave blank space and fill in at the end of each day.

Planner Tip: If you’re looking for something to remove your stickers, buy Un-Du.

Below are links stickers/washi in addition to similar styles to recreate a similar spread of your own:

Ready to start planning?

Check out my Planning for 2017 HERE

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