Happy Planner Flip Through | 2016

Welcome to another post here on the blog. I’ve been meaning to share my Happy Planner Flip Through with you all for 2016. It’s a lot bigger than 2015 edition, but still in all, I wanted to share. To keep this as simple as possible, I’ll be sharing a detailed video playlist filled with a detailed flip through PLUS every single Plan With Me I did in 2016. THERE’S MORE! (loud car salesman commercial voice) I’ll also be sharing my planner style of 2016 versus now, my favorite spreads, least favorite spreads, and links to shops that I used throughout the year. It just wouldn’t be a Chaotic Critic post without links to SOMETHING.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

What Happy Planner did I use?

I used the ‘Good Things are Going to Happen’ 18-month Happy Planner. I added in the extension pack for May/June of 2015 and then separated out 2016.

Did I carry all 12 months around the entire year?

At the beginning of the year, yes. By July the planner does get bulky and heavy, so I take out January-June, store it away and then work with July-December. At the end of the year, I add it all back together.

Where did I get my black discs?

The initial discs that came with the planner are with my 2015 planner. The black discs that I used in 2016 are from Staples from their Arc system that I used in 2014 as a blog planner. Below are links to disc alternatives. They’re pretty inexpensive. Plus, USE COUPONS!

What I learned about my planner style?

I am DEFINITELY a white space planner. While I love how some people can cover all of their pages with full box stickers, that’s not my style. I prefer to have full boxes here and there throughout my spreads and then add icon stickers. If there’s white space left over, then so be it.

I also realized that I need to spread out what I’m planning. I don’t really do the morning, day, night type of planning. I just write down what I need to  do, TV shows that night, if I have my nephews for a weekend, and on the weekends anything major that I’m doing. While my planner is functional, I’ll admit, I don’t write down every single detail. There’s nothing wrong with that either. Decorative planning, such as this, inspires while serving a function while tracking memories AT THE SAME TIME! That’s what I realized most about my style: tracking memories and highlights while keeping up with my top three tasks of the day.

Stickers? Washi?

I love icon stickers. I also realized that I don’t need a full kit because I prefer ‘white space’ spreads. I prefer, from this point, to buy mini personal kits. I can still buy full boxes and deco if I choose, but I’m not buying full kits anymore. Every time I use one, it just doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. Below are links to some of my of the shops I used this year:

When it comes to non-etsy stickers, I have cut back on how much I purchase of those. I’m really trying to use what I have in my stash. It’s become an issue of buying and hoarding because everything is too “pretty” to use or I don’t want to “run out.” Below are three of the stores. The only other where I buy stickers from time to time is Dollar Tree.

As for washi tape, I don’t use it as much compared to how much I have in my collection. I have used it in my spreads to mark off chunks of time. I do enjoy using it to mark off chunks of time and to cover the lines that separate the 3 sections. A great way to use up the washi that you have is to make full or half boxes or layer stickers on top.

Pressure in planning?

I love filming. I lied, it can turn into a chore. I will say that I love filming and sharing my spreads with everyone that watches my videos, especially when the stickers are super cheap. I’m really trying to find ways to make decorative planning as simple as possible and challenge viewers to step outside the box and use stickers you would’ve never thought of using.

Pulling out a camera to plan can add pressure because you don’t want the spread to be “ugly.” One thing about 2016 for me was, if I didn’t feel like filming, I didn’t. If I just wanted to lay out my stickers all over my bed, I did. I stopped pressuring myself.

Favorite Spreads?


My favorite spreads are the following:

steelers .jpg

Least Favorite Spreads?

My least favorite spreads go to the entire month of January. January was really the month where I was trying new things, which isn’t bad at all, I just wasn’t feeling the spreads. Also, I was sick for the first half of January and add in the “pressure of filming,” and I didn’t get the results I wanted. My least favorite out of the entire month? The week of January 18th-24th.

Still planning in 2017?

Of course! Planning has not only kept me on track and I’ve held myself more accountable to get things done, but it’s been therapeutic. I will stick to my ” white space” and stray away from “no-white space.”

It’s never too late to start planning.

Check out my Planning for 2017 series HERE.

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