Top 5 Clearance Shopping Tips + Haul

Happy, Happy, HAPPY New Year everyone! Cheers to 2017 and all that jazz. This is my first official blog post of the year and I wanted to share my Christmas clearance finds with you all PLUS my top 5 clearance shopping tips. I went to Target, Michaels, Five Below, Bath & Body Works, and Dollar Tree.

As always be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

xmasAs noted above, I went to 5 different stores. The best part of the shopping trip would definitely be the items I scored on New Years Eve from 2  Dollar Tree locations. I’ve never seen any clearance at Dollar Tree EVER and all Christmas items were 50% off (while supplies lasted).The WWE wrapping paper was a score, plus there were tons of Christmas cards that that I can use as dashboards in my planner plus give out next Christmas.

As for my shopping tips, I’ve created 5 that are extremely useful, helpful, and essential.

top-5clearanceshopping-tips-91. Make a list. Set a budget. Stick to it! 

One of my goals for 2017 was to definitely cut back on excessive, unnecessary spending. I didn’t need anything that I bought, but after making 50+ gift bags, scoring items I’d use again was a bonus. Aside from items for future projects, if they could double as planner supplies, that was a plus. I set a strict budget of $30 to stay on track with what I had in mind and to further consolidate before going to the register items added “just because.”

2. Get out early! 

The first shopping trip I made was on December 26th, again on New Years Eve, and lastly on New Years Day. On December 26th, there was a fairly decent amount of items in the stores I went to with clearance of 50% off. By New Years Eve and New Years Day the items had been picked over and the inventory was limited. Getting out early and shopping later both have their advantages and disadvantages When going out early there’s a better selection of items, but if you wait later the sale increases to up to 90% off. Getting out earlier allows for better selection and less crowds.

3. Let social media be your guide.

My two favorite social media resources are YouTube and Instagram. I found out about the deals that were happening by watching YouTube videos. I was really done “After Christmas” shopping until I saw a video where Dollar Tree items were 50% off. I couldn’t resist. Instagram is quick & easy and you can search hashtags such as #instahaul, #targethaul, #walmarthaul, etc. to see the local deals that are going on. One of my favorites is FreeStuffFinder where she corrals all the deals on to her page so you can see what’s out there.

4. Shop around.

Shopping around includes shopping around to different locations plus making the time to actually search in the stores. Shopping at different locations is essential simply because each store has different inventory. Taking the time to look through the inventory is a must. It’s not like walking in your average store and everything is laid out nicely for you. You have to really look, and if you’re luck, you’ll find a gem.

5. Don’t buy “just because.”

This tip is literally “all of the above.” You make a list and a budget so that you don’t get blindsided but the 50%-90% off signs. It’s easy just to pick up Christmas cards because they’re 50%, but what are you going to do with them? The obvious answer would be to give them away, but seriously, will you remember? Will they be tucked and packed away with all your other Christmas stash. Think about what you actually need before heading to the cash register. “Just because” purchases add no real value and only leads to clutter and eventually a waste of money.

Also take note that every clearance item is not really clearance. It may seem that way with the bright red discount tag, but you could probably get the same deal throughout the year.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Clearance Shopping Tips + Haul

  1. Aww amazing haul, I wish we had the shops and clearances that you guys do.. England sucks for Planner and craft shopping

    1. When planning while clearance items are great, don’t forget to reuse what you have. Buying planner supplies accumulates quickly from price to nearly hoarding. One of my goals is to use what I have and be resourceful. Major no spend this year. Thanks for reading!

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