Faith Planner | Set-Up

Welcome to another post here on the blog. One of my major goals for 2017 is to definitely get more in touch with my faith. I’ve mentioned it in previous Motivational Monday posts, but I’ve never really stuck to it. I’ve joined quite a bit of Facebook groups that relate not just to planning, but to worship as well. One thing that stood out to me that someone had posted in a group was that we get so consumed by making it a habit to write down our scriptures every day then it can become a chore. That’s definitely something to keep in mind as I begin this planner.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Why a faith planner?

I wanted to have a central location that I could look back at as reference in breaking down my scriptures and further document my spiritual journey. I’ve used a journal in the past, which I still plan to use to write my prayers in relation to the scriptures. The journal is meant to serve as a reference to write down a scripture that really touches me that day and break it down.

The planner that I’ll be using is the Horacio Printing ‘The Best Is Yet to Come’ 2017 classic planner. I chose this planner in particular to use for as my faith planner and for future reference because of the scripture infused. In addition, there are featured pages divided by season:

  • Dream Planning Exercise
  • Refocus Cloud Exercise
  • Monthly Praise Reports
  • Seasonal Prayers / Refresh Section

Having my goals separated not only helps me reflect spiritually on what I accomplished, but reflect on my personal life as well.

The devotionals that I will use will be a combination of:

Of course along the way I will pull it more material, but these three are the ones I have access to as they are given at my church. As for the Bible that I read, I’m currently using The Every Day Bible, New Century Version. I have read the New International Version which I’m accustomed to in church, but the New Century Version is even easier to understand.

To set-up my faith planner I really just went in and added stickers that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby. I had crosses, some scriptures, plus

Goals with my faith planner?

Well the main goal is to actively use it. I could sit here and go on and on about how much I love the planner, how I want to use it, how I plan to use it, what I can add to it, etc., but I actually HAVE to do that.

I saw on Facebook that people have verse mapping in their journals and that is something I would like to do in my Faith Planner. Verse mapping is breaking down a scripture so it’s easier for you to understand it relates directly to you. January will be more of a trial and error as to what works and what doesn’t work. The verse mapping might seem more suitable for a than the vertical style that I am using, but I’m willing to give it a try or add in one of the many list pads I have in my stash and doing it that way.

I’ll be sharing more posts as I get more into using my planner and other resources that I’ll be pulling in along the way. I’m excited that there are other people that I can converse with on a regular basis as they are on their own spiritual journeys as well.

Want to purchase what I used? Check out the links below + additional links you may be interested in checking out.

Unsure of what planner to use in 2017?

Check out the entire Planning for 2017 series here.

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