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Merry, Merry DAY AFTER (after) CHRISTMAS! Happy ALMOST New Year as well. I wanted to share a bonus Christmas spread with you all in my Plum Paper planner. I use my Plum Paper planner for rewind spreads because sometimes I just like to play with stickers. As I use this as a memory planner, I stay away from Etsy stickers and stick to the $1 sticker books that I’ve accumulated over time.

Interested in a review of the Plum Paper planner? Unsure of what planner to use in the new year? Check out my Planning for 2017 series here, filled with reviews/comparisons of different planners.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

This spread was super easy to make. I just focused on the stickers that were in the kit and the washi that I had purchased from Michaels. I will say that when it comes to the sidebar, I was unsure of what to do which is why I added stickers to it.

Planner Tip: Unsure of what to put in the sidebar? Try a running to do list for the week that doesn’t have a particular day or a checklist for the following week. You can also put your work schedule for the week or even events you have so you can see them at-a-glance. 

As a blogger I’ve put in my blog posts for the week as well as track social media.(Instagram/YouTube). I have put habit trackers in the side as well, but I’ve realized that I don’t use those as much.


In the Plum Paper planner I typically put washi in the bottom, but sometimes when memory keeping, I’m unsure of what to put in that space. Since it was a Christmas spread I was watching quite a bit of Hallmark movies that filled in the space. To cover the bullet points, I used stickers where I could.

Planner Tip: If you’re using a Plum Paper Planner, you can put your top 3 tasks of the day on the bottom. For memory keeping, you can put your highlights of the day. If you don’t want the bullet points, use white out to erase them, stickers, or washi. 

I love how the weekend turned out and I created a little scene with the stickers. Since it was Christmas weekend I didn’t have a to do list to fill in so the space was filled with stickers. Unlike the Happy Planner, the Plum Paper boxes do not connect. Regardless of the space, I laid the stickers out how I would in my Happy Planner and they worked out fine.

Again in my Plum Paper I focus on using washi and stickers from my stash, especially the $1 sticker books. My Etsy stickers are saved for my Happy Planner. Now is that time to get Christmas stickers books (check your local Michaels) since they’ll be anywhere from 60-70% off. You may even be able to score them for 10 cents if you score the 90% off sale.

Interested in stickers I used? Check out the links below. Note: A lot of the items may be available for a limited time due to change of season. 

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