Plan With Me | Santa’s Soda Fountain

Welcome to another post here on the blog and cheers to another Christmas spread in my planner. I’ve been enjoying creating these using $1 sticker books  and washi tape, plus other stickers here and there from my stash.

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I have been so uninspired to plan in my Happy Planner. I think that I’m over it since I only have a few weeks left in this planner before I move on to my new one. It’s just something about a NEW planner that I love. Maybe it’s the fresh start of it. I don’t know. I just haven’t been loving my layouts in this planner whatsoever.

I became inspired again after planning in my Plum Paper. It really came down to me rushing to create spreads. I had this problem before when I was so focused on filming and creating content that it took away from the joy that I had for planning plus the functionality of it.

For this spread I decided to stick to a $1 sticker book, similar to what I had been planning with in my Plum Paper. I then pulled in some washi and put it all the way across on all three sections.

Planner Tip: Although most planners (Happy Planner / Erin Condren Life Planner / Michaels Spiral Planner) are split into 3 sections, you don’t have to plan Morning/Day/Night (MDN) or To Do/Today/Little Things. You can separate the sections to what works for you. Whether it’s a daily to do for one and then work and family for another. Make the sections work for you!


I love the Mrs. Clause sticker. It really cracks me up. I then put a picture of Santa holding cookies on the other side and then covered it with my Steelers schedule sticker.

Also, to mark the sticker book I used, I used one of the title stickers from the pack and put it in the sidebar over the calendar. I’ll never forget what sticker book I used.

Stickers/washi used + similar styles:

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