Dollar Tree Christmas Decor

Welcome to another post here on the blog. In this post I wanted to share my Christmas Decor which is primarily Dollar Tree and some Target here and there. I never realized how much Dollar Tree decor I have, but Dollar Tree has really stepped up there game with all of their products. To see my decor stash, click here.

As always, be sure to click the highlighted links throughout the post for related post and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Before we get into the decor for each of the rooms I decorate, here are my favorite finds from Dollar Tree:

  • Ornaments
  • Mini Canvas Art
  • Gift Bags (all gift wrapping)
  • Wall Decals
  • Mini Stockings

Living Room

Like most people, my living room has my Christmas Tree. It sits in the right hand corner of the room and it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the house. The tree I purchased 3 or 4 years ago from Target and this is the last year that I’ll be using it as my main tree. I definitely want something bigger and fuller to completely fill out that space. Right now there’s a lot of gifts under there for what will be donated to a local nursing home, but I want a bigger tree.

All ornaments are from Dollar Tree.I purchased 5 packs of the silver and gold (metallic theme here) bulbs along with the silver and gold glitter french horns. I purchased 2 packs of each color of the french horns. I believe there were 4 or 5 in the pack for the $1 and they already had strings on them which was a major plus. The star I had on top I ended up moving to the Christmas tree in my bedroom. It was silver and matched the theme of the tree, but it was too small. The tree topper on it now is from Dollar Tree. If only it lit up.


The gifts underneath plus the santa and bird house (both 50% off from Rite Aid) really filled out the space. I would have liked a start that lit up, but it is what it is for now. Next year I’ll be doing a Steelers tree somewhere in my house. My sister will be doing a Giants tree in hers. I might end up putting the Steelers tree in my office and going above and beyond in my living room. I’m not sure yet, but a Steelers tree will be happening.

I never put anything on the walls, but I found super cute wall decals from Dollar. I had to get is because of the ‘Santa Stop Here’ sticker. My nephews should get a kick out of that. I also purchased 3 packs of mini stockings which were 2/$1. I put two on each end of my jingle bells that hang above my couch with clothes pins for cards. (When it’s not Christmas, we put birthday cards.)

Dining Room 

I changed my table cloth and left the plastic cover on top. I have to have some type of plastic cover on my table because of my nephews and I don’t need them messing up or staining the table cloth. The centerpiece is a ceramic tree made by great-grandmother. I put it out every Christmas along with my mother‘s dishes and it’s easy decor. I used the dishes last year for my Ugly Sweater Christmas party, but on Christmas Eve, I’ll be swapping those with paper plates & utensils because I am not washing dishes (sorry not sorry).


On the hostess table which has been around since I was little, I’m pretty sure it’s older than me (I’m 25), has my Hot Cocoa Bar. This is a work in progress, but I’ll be having a Christmas Eve party with family so I’ll jazz it up with more goodies then.


My night stand is what gets all the love. I put my mini tree from Target with ornaments. While my living room has gold and silver, I decided to do blue and silver in my bedroom. I love white lights, but my white lights burned out, I had colorful ones on hand, so that’s what ended up on the tree. I probably will get a white or rose gold one for next year. I will say that while I’m not the biggest fan of colored lights, I love the way these light up my room.


Underneath the tree I had a little ceramic snowman and some gifts (some fake, some real for aesthetic purposes). I also have a DIY coaster that I made using title, scrapbook paper, and glossy mod podge. Really easy. Cut paper, glue it to the tile, seal it with mod podge. I then sat a Starbucks mug that I was gifted a couple years ago that has pens and what not. I always need to have a pen near me.

I also jazzed up my mirror by putting my Steelers Christmas hat on one corner and my terrible towel on the other. Directly across from my dresser I hung the other mini stockings just because. I’ll put together more a theme next year. Yeah, let’s go with that.


My office is one of my favorite spaces in my house. I spent so much time decorating and designing it. I came up with an ‘Around the World’ theme after scoring some AMAZING decor at Michaels back in August. I’ll have to do a full office tour in the new year.


I just put tid bits of Christmas here and there. I wrapped garland around my white board (I scored that for around $5 at Target ages ago and it’s still holding up).I have 4 shelves and I just added ornaments to them. One where I have a mirror I added this huge rose gold glitter reindeer from, wait for it, DOLLAR TREE!

I swapped out the sunflowers that I had on my bookcase and dressed up my shadow box. I put a Dollar Tree Christmas tree on top with some ornaments from Target.  It was really, really simple. Little touches here and there in my office keep it functional yet festive at the same time.

Here we are with a little over a week to Christmas. Your decor should speak to you. I feel this is the one time of year where you can get as tacky as you want. If your decor looks like Christmas threw up all over your home, then so be it. It only happens once and year and it’s gone by the time you blink.


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