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Welcome to another plan with me here on my blog. I wanted to share another Christmas spread with you guys in my Plum Paper planner. I use this planner for memory planning. A few weeks will go by before I even touch it because I like to pull it out and ‘bulk plan.’

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Cheers to a flashback spread (11/28-12/4), BUT it’s Christmas time so bonus spreads are a must. This is the planner that gets NO ETSY STICKER love. I go for my $1 sticker books and other stickers from my stash and have fun. I used the Creatology ‘Holiday Brights’ Sticker book with some washi from Hobby Lobby. I decided to go with a wood grain/brick washi tape as the cover of the sticker book had a rustic look. I LOVE how this spread turned out.

One thing that I have to do when decorative planning like this is actually be in the mood to do it and have the time to do so. Sometimes I hate how my spreads turn out simply because I end up rushing to do put them together or I’m planning all over the place. Sticking to a sticker book really helped as with Etsy stickers I pull out this icon and that icon and end up with a complete mess.

I usually start with my washi and then my sidebar. I put down this brick washi on the top headers. Looking at it, I could have put another layer on top since it was so sheer. I then added this foil tree washi from the Target Dollar Spot on top of the bottom checklists. I use that space to write in my TV shows for that day and if there are none, I use washi to fill in the space, which is what I did with the wood grain.. The wood grain / brick washi really helped frame this spread because my Christmas washi would have been too much.

Planner Tip: Unsure of where to start when planning? Try with your top 3 goals of the day. If you’re using a planner as a memory planner write in your 3 highlights of the day.


Once I was done with the washi I went in with gift box stickers from the book and placed them across the top. Starting with Monday I used the snowflake stickers and alternated between those and the ornaments up until Friday. I didn’t have much going on during the weekend so I didn’t use a list. I pulled in larger deco and added in washi to fill in the gaps here and there. To fill in more of the space and not overkill with deco stickers, I drew in string lights. Well my interpretation of them. I love drawing them and they’re everywhere in my Christmas planner. Super easy. Super simple.

Planner Tip: When using larger deco, think of spacing. If I have a large deco sticker on one page, I put the other on the other page.

I absolutely love how this spread turned out and it makes for a great picture. Again, it was all about taking my time and not rushing through. Although this was a rewind spread, planning day by day is effective when it comes to planning.

Planner Tip: If you’re unsure of what to do with deco stickers, save them until the end of the week. As the week progresses you’ll see where you’ll need to fill in. Trying to place them down in the beginning can be ineffective when you need to move around.

Stickers/washi used + similar styles:

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