Motivational Monday | Insomnia

Nowadays, people confuse insomnia with  a lack of will to turn off electronic deceives and logout of social networks.

I have the worst insomnia or do maybe I just stay up too late on my Macbook & phone.

I have the worst insomnia and by 2pm I’m exhausted or should I just go to bed before midnight.

I have the worst insomnia. I have the worst insomnia. Do I really?

Lately I’ve been going to bed anywhere between 3-4am. When do I wake up? Anywhere between 9:30-10am or if I’m working by 9am. Yeah, clearly 5-6, sometimes just 4 hours of sleep clearly isn’t enough. If I’m not working I’ll crash around 2pm. My grandmother says it’s better to wake up early and if you have to take a nap. The only problem with an afternoon nap is that it’s like I’m playing catch up for the sleep I didn’t get the night before.

What am I doing? Well I’m usually looking at some YouTube video, scrolling Instagram, or then there’s the bazillion ideas running through my mind. Whether it’s my finances, ideas for the blog, getting ahead, whatever. My mind is ALWAYS running. For instance, I’m worried about what I’m going to where one day and then I spend 15-20 minutes searching on google how people put together a similar outfit. Clearly not a priority at 2 or 3am.

The real issue? It’s becoming harder to concentrate because my mind wanders all day. I’m getting things done, but I’m literally all over the place. I’m exhausted when I’m working and when I’m home all I want to do is crawl into bed.

I think the most common cause of insomnia is simple; it’s loneliness.

Heath Ledger

This quote really speaks to me because a part of me is lonely. It’s not that I don’t have people in my life, amazing people at that, I just feel alone and empty at times. That’s another thing that keeps me awake. What I could be doing for the holidays. What the holidays should be like. What the holidays used to be like. Past memories and what life is not has been on my mind.

Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Matthew 6:34

So what is it that I need to do to get back on track?

  • Get into bed earlier. | I need to create a nighttime routine. The weekends are clearly different, but during the week, I need to create a schedule to where I’m in bed earlier and wind down before midnight. I prefer to fall asleep by midnight so I’ll sleep through the night and not wake up at 5am, but I can’t get in bed at midnight. I have to wind down before then.
  • No late night eating/snacks. | This has always been a bad habit of mine and most of the time I’m eating out of boredom instead of actually being hungry. I say every year that I want to get fit (which never happens) and I’m going to get on a workout schedule (nope, hasn’t happened). Water before bed is fine, but the late night snacks  make me restless which is the last thing I need.
  • So long technology. | Being on my phone during my wind down time is one thing, but it cannot continue to be an all night thing. I need it as an alarm clock to wake up, but there has to be a disconnect.

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