Last Minute Holiday Party Planning Tips

Happy Holidays everyone and to all my Christmas lovers —


Today I wanted to share a quick post of my TOP 5 LAST MINUTE party planning tips. As I get older, I realize that I really want to get more into entertaining. Last year I hosted my first holiday party, Ugly Christmas Sweater theme. This year I’ll be celebrating my friends 30th birthday and everyone has such hectic schedules so we’ll hang out then. Still in all — let’s get to the tips!

As always, be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

1. Check availability!

I realized that I wanted to do a party 2 weeks before it actually happened. I sent out a mass texts to my friends, asked their availability, and set the date right there. Then, since people can easily forget, I sent an official invitation, via text and then a reminder closer to the date. Plan your party around your guests. Choose a date that works for most.

2. Pick a theme & keep it simple!

I chose to go with an ugly sweater theme. I went all out in making my ugly Christmas sweater and I had ugly Christmas sweater cookies in my dessert bar to tie it all together. You can have a pajama party, girls night in, etc.

3. Menu, Menu, MENU!

You can do an array of finger food or you can set up a buffet style bar. For my party I did a taco bar with everything laid out. You can also do burgers and have different types of burgers and have the toppings. Anything that is easy to cook is ideal. Depending on the time of day you’re doing this you could also have a breakfast bar (with MIMOSAS). If it’s just a movie night with your girl, popcorn and sweet treats (brownies, cupcakes, caken pops, cookies, hot chocolate, wine) are another option.

4. Speed Clean!

Focus on the HOT SPOTS! The hot spots of your home are the high traffic areas. You don’t need to deep clean everywhere, but make sure your bathroom and the area you’re entertaining will be clean. Oh yeah, have a place for your guests jackets AND if you need to stuff everything in that hallway closet to make your space more presentable, do so and worry about it later. Speaking of cleaning, as cute as dishes are, you don’t want to wash them. I used my Christmas dishes and I had to wash all of them once the party was over. Pick up some super cute DISPOSABLE plates and silverware. After party clean up will be a breeze. In the trash it goes!

5. Ask for help if you need it!

My friends asked if there was anything they could bring and yes while you’re the hostess and want to say no, if you need help take it. I just asked for drinks. If you plan on drinking (#adulting) or just need beverages in general, ask your guests to bring something. Also, back to the menu, you can ask them to bring a dessert or something for dinner (potluck style).

BONUS — Most importantly, DON’T OVERTHINK IT! It’s just a party. It’s just food. HAVE FUN! I was thinking games and all this extra stuff to pass the time when I was party planing. Honestly, we ended up sitting around eating, laughing, and talking.

Want more details on my Ugly Sweater Christmas Party? Click HERE!

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