Traveler’s Notebook | Christmas

Welcome to another post here on the blog. There’s so much content that I want to put out this month so let’s roll with it. This post is all about how I transformed my traveler’s notebook, fauxdori, whatever you want to call it, into my Christmas planner. I saw it down on Instagram and I really wanted to make one of my own. I LOVE how it turned out. You can check out my Traveler’s Notebook set up, here, PLUS my entire Planning for 2017 series here.

As always be sure to click the highlighted links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

Let’s get started. I took the craft paper notebook that came in the Michael’s string journal that I purchased and took it a part. I then took textured scrapbook paper, painted it with acrylic paint, and lastly added a coat of glossy mod podge. That really adds strutter to the book and you can make your own inserts easily without having to buy any.

Planner Tip: Card stock or textured scrapbook paper work great. Painting the covers does add thickness. For the insides, you can use thicker printing paper or construction paper. It depends on what you want to use the book for. 


After making my cover I tried to staple everything back together. I had added a 2 brown paper bags and a gift bag on the inside. I had to remove one of the brown paper bags to get the cover to completely staple, but it all worked out. On the front inside cover I added in tissue paper from Dollar Tree with a Christmas countdown that I made with paper. Then on the back cover I added in paper from a paper pad and layered a repurposed gift bag and card on top.


On the inside pages I used washi tape from the Target Dollar Spot that said ‘Do Not Open Until December 25th.’ I cut off all the December so now I’m left with a whole bunch of ‘Do Not Open’ strips that I can repurpose elsewhere. I also did a page a day leading up to Christmas where I can add in how I’m feeling that day, any event that day, just basic journaling.

I also added in a holiday movie insert to mark all the movies that I’ll be watching, as I watch them, plus some holiday classics. The back of this insert features a pocket that I repurposed using packaging from a May Designs order I then took a list pad page that I bought from Target a long time ago and placed it in to write down extra movies.


I also ended up making another pocket from that May Designs packaging and layering a Target Dollar Spot sticker over it. to cover the crease on brown paper bad, I used more of that scrapbook paper from the AC Moore paper pad. I put the paper in upside down, but it’s ok because in that pocket I have a DIY Christmas card I made last year plus pictures from my first Christmas. The other pocket I made was with a card from Dollar Tree with another Target Dollar Spot sticker layered on top.

Speaking of layers, I took a gold foiled doily that my grandmother gave me, cut it, and created an insert. I then layered a Me & My Big Ideas photo overlay on top. I had initially glued it down, but it looks so much better layered.

Planner Tip: Regardless of what planner you have, repurpose items that you already have in your home. Whether it’s a card, piece of fabric,. If it looks like it could go in a planner it probably can. 


I covered a piece of the brown paper bag with wrapping paper from Dollar Tree and used suck down a pocket I received in an Etsy order on top. I then layered some stickers from Hobby Lobby and voila. Inside of that pocket I just currently have a gift tag, but I love the way it looks.

Lastly, I repurposed another gift bag. That’s 3 gift bags in total that I’ve repurposed. While this gift bag isn’t ‘Christmasy’ I could easily layer a pocket on top, another transparent overlay, or just leave it as is.

Planner Tip: Love a gift bag you see at Dollar Tree/Walmart? Think of how you can repurpose it in your planner Whether it’s an insert, a book mark, a full box. Get creative.

What I love most about this Traveler’s notebook style is all that things that I can add to it. I’ve been looking for a way for me to journal on the go and this encompasses everything for daily planning to journaling, plus adding my crafty touch.

Stickers/Washi/Items Used:

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