Plan With Me | Santa’s Day Off

Welcome to another post here on the blog and HAPPY DECEMBER! Let the Christmas overload really begin. Throughout the month of December I’m going to be sharing Christmas planner spreads, DIY, home decor, gift ideas, and more! I’ll be posting basically everyday so get ready.

I’m also hosting my first giveaway on my Instagram, @ChaoticCritic. It’s U.S. only, but the rules are super simple — Make sure you’re a follower, like the pic, comment, & tag a friend. The giveaway will be going all the way up until Christmas. Thanks to everyone who has followed and entered thus far.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout the blog post for related posts plus link to purchase items/similar styles featured.

For my first plan with me I decided to use one of the Darice sticker books that I accumulated last year. I ended up buying 10. Yeah, $10 on sticker books. I would definitely recommend waiting until there’s a sale on these. I bought two this year and the sale was 40% off all Christmas items at Michaels.

Planner Tip: Sometimes there’s sales of 60% or you could use the 50% off one item. If you wait until after, you could score these for 10 cents each with the 90% off. Also, if you have a planner friend, split the sticker books. You can cut back on the costs plus try out more.

I decided to use the ‘Santa’s Day Off.’ I have tons more that I’ll be featuring in my upcoming holiday videos. I took the scrapbook paper that I had pre-cut and put it in the weekend.

Planner Tip: If you have the same print of full boxes, try putting them all in the weekend for a different look.


I bought the smaller paper pad from AC Moore, but you can find them at Michaels & Hobby Lobby. Since I’m primarily filming, watching Netflix, or doing chores on the weekend, there’s not much I need to write in so the printed boxes don’t affect me. I just layer icons on top. I saw the YouTuber, Aleeza | Stylish & Literate,  do this with her marble full boxes and I love it.

The rest of the spread was pretty basic. I added in some of the stickers. I pulled out headers and checklists I had left over from previous kits. For the sidebar I made a list for this week and next week. The ‘this week’ list will mark my blog posts for this week and the ‘next week’ list is for what I have schedule for next week. While I have a business planner, my Happy Planner is a great snapshot. Not too detailed.

I also use lists like those to mark in anything that I need to get done just not on a particular day. I do end up marking it in whatever day it gets done as well. Those lists are like the top priority of the week.

Planner Tip: You can use the sidebar to track multiple lists/habits. Habit tracker stickers can be found easily on Etsy, but you can make your own my writing the habit you want to track and writing in the days of the week underneath. There’s plenty of printables available online as well.

This spread is what I like to call ‘mild Christmas,’ but I’ll be sure to amp it up next week. Check out the stickers/washi used below:

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