Etsy Sticker Haul + Tips

Welcome to another post here on the blog. I’m all over the place with posts and what not. It’s December. Christmas overload! I’m talking planner spreads, DIYs, gift guides, and more! PLUS I’m hosting a giveaway on my Instagram (@ChaoticCritic) #ChaoticXMASGiveaway. It’s 12 Days of Giveaways. I’ll have the rules listed below.

As always, be sure to click the links throughout this post for related posts and links to purchase items/similar styles featured.

I featured in my Planning for Beginners series my Etsy Stickers 101, and I’m so thankful for the support of those shops that sponsored this giveaway. As a beginner, even as a hoarding planner addict, here my top 3 tips for buying stickers (in no particular order)

  1. ALWAYS USE A COUPON CODE! I don’t care how much money you have. Regardless of the shop, 9/10, they’ll have a coupon code. Also if there’s a shop that you really want to try out, wait for a holiday. A lot of shops offer frequent sales anywhere from 25-35% off. Some have a minimum some don’t. There are even shops that have FREQUENT 50% off sales. Search around on Instagram. Also check out fellow planner YouTubers as a lot of them have  coupon codes in their description boxes.
  2. Find your planning style. If you like for your entire planner to be covered (“no white space”), then a full sticker kit would suit you best. BUT, if you like more white space, try mini kits and pull in different types of icons.
  3. DON’T BUY ALL THE STICKERS! As tempting as it may be, you’ll end up with an overwhelming stash. Start small and try out different shops to find your favorites.

Below are some amazing shops that donated to my #ChaoticXmasGiveaway. It’ll run as flash giveaways over the course of the 12 days with lot of planner goodies from stickers to planners, plus more. THE GIVEAWAY IS U.S. ONLY! If you want to enter here are the rules:

  1. Must follow me on Instagram @Chaotic Critic (Please don’t follow to unfollow. Let’s stay planner friends + no giveaway/spam accounts)
  2. Like the picture
  3. Comment answering my question for that giveaway.
  4. Tag a Friend.

All winners will be chosen at random. Unsure of what planner to buy for 2017? Check out my Planning for 2017 series HERE.

All shops will be linked in the pictures below!

TheNinjaPlanner | xoSimplyKish | SGStationery | VanDenBergeDesign
xoMamaPlans | RoseColoredDaze | FaithPlanShop 
RubiRoseDesigns | DotsandDashCo |            EmmaandMeStickers| Oh, Hello Stationery Co.
SandysPaperShack | PlanWithAna
InspireEverAfter | MissaLynDesigns |                   BubbleGumKrushBoutiq | DiscoPrints


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